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language as a window into human nature

For a change, here's a link to a great talk on language by Steven Pinker

The Editor's pick:

Saturday 1 August Shell Shock in Britain and Army Deserters During World War 1 Millions of soldiers were scarred by their experiences in the First World War. What happened after they returned home?

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Saturday 15 August My Ancestor came from Devon: Those That Stayed and Those That Went Does your family come from Devon? Do you wonder why they left Devon and travelled to other parts of the world or other areas of Britain? This workshop explores the reasons and describes the resources available for finding out more.

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Saturday 1 August Tracing Ancestors from Europe: Beyond the Danube Help in researching family ancestors with Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Baltic States, Czech or Ruthenian/Ukranian ethnicity.

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Tuesday 4 August London Thinks - What has Scientology got to Hide? Journalist Tony Ortega, Panorama journalist John Sweeney and the publisher Humfrey Hunter, explain what it is like to question the word and the worth of The Church of Scientology.

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Saturday 8 August Family Historian Software for Beginners and Refreshers A full-day workshop, to help you use Family Historian. For UK users, beginners and refreshers.

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