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UK Transhumanist Association

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Previous Lectures and Events

The Future of Economics

5 Jun 10

Humanity+ UK 2010

24 Apr 10

The future of politics

20 Feb 10

The Friendly AI Problem: how can we ensure that superintelligent AI doesn't terminate us?

23 Jan 10

Successes and challenges en route to unlimited human lifespans. Q&A on the Immortality Institute, le

28 Nov 09

Machine super intelligence

31 Oct 09

Singularity Summit 2009 - highlights and learnings.

10 Oct 09

The future of energy. Leadership and technological innovation.

15 Aug 09

Extreme Simulation Scenarios. Thinking about the promise, risk, and plausibility of AI and VRs

11 Jul 09

One foot in the future. Attaining the 10,000+ year lifespan you always wanted?

21 Mar 09

Emulating Brains, silicon dreams or the next big thing?

22 Nov 08

How Feasible is a Nanofactory?

18 Oct 08

Cryonics: Why it has failed, and possible ways to fix it - with Mike Darwin

23 Aug 08

Cryonics: Why it has failed, and possible ways to fix it - with Mike Darwin

2 Aug 08

Living longer and longer yet healthier and healthier: realistic grounds for hope? Speakers: Aubrey d

12 Jul 08

Technology risks and the survival of humanity

14 Jun 08

Tomorrow's technologies emerging today

10 May 08

Transhumanism in the UK, 2008-2012: Hopes and fears, opportunities and risks.

15 Mar 08

Presentation & workshop

13 May 07


21 Oct 06

Simon Young: Transhumanism – a new religion?

30 Sep 06

Consciousness and the transhuman

19 Aug 06


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