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A Matter of Substance

Speakers present talks within an exhibition exploring the perception of familiar materials and offering alternative perspectives from art, science and philosophy.

The talk and discussion event is part of an ongoing series of cross-disciplinary salons organised by ideas-matter-sphere.

The event brings together four different perspectives on materiality:

Andrew Hanson, a Psychophysicist from the National Physical Laboratory, will discuss and demonstrate the sensory perception of materials.

Materials physicist Martin Uhrin looks at the structure of materials at macro and micro scales, and the transformative effect of small change in those structures.

Phillip Hall Patch will talk about the salt-lick project he is exhibiting and will explain the process of development and research into the material.

Philosopher Josh Bronson looks at the idea that an awareness of physical objects is a precondition for self-consciousness, through the work of philosophers including Kant, PF Stawson and Gareth Evans.

The talks take place within the exhibition, in which two of the speakers are exhibiting, presenting a wider context for discussion.

As with all ideas-matter-sphere events, the interaction between speakers and audience is an essential element, allowing ideas presented to be explored and developed.

Further information on speakers, the salon and the exhibition can be found at http://www.ideas-matter-sphere.com/a-matter-of-substance.html.


Andrew Hanson | talks
Martin Uhrin | talks
Phillip Hall-Patch | talks
Josh Bronson | talks


Date and Time:

6 July 2013 at 5:30 pm


4 hours



APT Gallery
6 Creekside

Show map

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Additional Information:

booking is advisable to ensure a place. Email to info@ideas-matter-sphere.com

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