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Plato on Ideas (2)

Short talk, reading and group discussion on the Plato's theory of ideas (or forms), with a reading from his Timaeus.

Plato is perhaps best known for his "theory of forms" – the view that there are eternal ideas which are the ultimate causes of material things. These eternal ideas, he says, have the status of real being – they always are just what they are; in contrast, the objects which are their reproductions in the material world are forever in a state of becoming – rising into existence and falling away into non-existence.
Are ideas real? And in what way do they differ from human concepts? Parmenides says (in the dialogue named after him), if we dismiss immaterial ideas from reality, what is left for the mind to hold onto?

This is the second of three evenings on the subject (the first was on Aug 8th, and the third will be on Oct 3rd - although each of the sessions are relatively self-contained). In this session we will continue looking at the Timaeus, and consider one of the strangest passages of the dialogue in which Plato explores the nature of matter: what is it that is literally "informed" by ideas?

No previous experience of formal philosophy is required.

Entrance in free, but donations between £3-5 will be welcomed.

A PDF download of the extract we will be reading is available on our website together with further details of this and other Prometheus Trust's activities: www.prometheustrust.co.uk (the PDF is on the "London Monday Evenings" page.)


Tim Addey | talks | www


Date and Time:

5 September 2016 at 7:30 pm


1 hour 30 minutes



Cecil Sharp House
2 Regentís Park Road

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Organised by:

The Prometheus Trust
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