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The Five Lady Tredegars

The Five Lady Tredegars: An illustrated talk that spans the 19th and 20th centuries using a unique collection of images from the life and times of Rosamond Mundy, Lady Katherine Carnegie, Hon. Lois Sturt, Princess Olga Dolgorouky and Joanna Law-Smith.

1st Lady Tredegar: Rosamond Mundy ( died 1883 ): Lady Morgan ( 1846-1859); Lady Tredegar 1859-1883. Wife of Charles Morgan Robinson Morgan ( 1792-1975); Married 1827; had 11 children 6 daughters and 5 sons. A fine woman.

2nd Lady Tredegar : Lady Katharine Carnegie (1867-1949) : Lady Tredegar : 1913-1949; Viscountess Tredegar 1926-1934 ; Dowager Viscountess Tredegar 1934-1949. Wife of Courtenay Morgan (1867-1934);. Married 1890; had 2 children 1 son and 1 daughter. Husband and children predeceased her. An eccentric of Scots origin.

3rd Lady Tredegar : Hon Lois Sturt (1900-1937) : Viscountess Tredegar 1934-1937 : 1st wife of Evan Morgan (1893-1949) Married 1928. No children; Lois died in Budapest in 1937. She was an actress, dancer, flapper and Bright Young Thing.

4th Lady Tredegar : Princess Olga Dolgorouky (1916-1999) : Viscountess Tredegar 1939-1999 : 2nd wife of Evan Morgan. Married 1939. Divorced 1943. No children. Evan predeceased her. A Russian Princess, a member of the last Tsar’s family.

5 th Lady Tredegar :Joanna Law-Smith ( Later Russell, then Morgan ) (died as Mrs Yorke 2002) : Lady Tredegar : 1954-2002: Wife of John Morgan (1908-1962). Married 1954. John predeceased her. Joanna had two children from 1st marriage. John Morgan was the 6th and last Lord Tredegar. His father George, Frederic Morgan – brother of Courtenay ( 3rd Lord) was 5th Lord ( at Evan’s death in 1949) handed everything over to John to avoid double death duties. George died in 1954.


Mr William Cross | talks | www


Date and Time:

15 May 2017 at 2:00 pm


1 hour 30 minutes



Church Group
St Julians Methodist Church
St Julian's Church
NP19 7JT

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Organised by:

William Cross, FSA Scot
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Members and Guests

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Members and Guests

Membership Information:

This is a members-only event

Monday Club at St Julian's Methodist Church, Newport

Additional Information:

William Cross, FSA Scot is the author of six books on the Morgans of Tredegar House, Newport, South Wales

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