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Lost civilisations, a forgotten history of mankind

Discover the different lost treasure of the past left by our ancient ancestors around the world. We will explore the hidden monuments and artefacts that could very well provide proof that civilization is much older than we might think.

We will study in more detail the remains that have often been mistaken for more recent works and how it is possible that, separated by so many thousands of miles, ancient civilizations could have used the same techniques and skills and also shared very similar traditions and myths.

First Evening

Our side of the world: Europe and the Mediterranean. Who built the megaliths, the sphinx and the Great Pyramid? Is it possible that they are much older than we have been told? New discoveries might actually change our minds about the age of the first Western civilization.

Second Evening

The New World: not so new, as remains from the so-called Pre-Columbian cultures show signs of very advanced technological skills. Were the Incas and Mayans the great builders that we think they were?

Third Evening

Asia and the Pacific: remains of another lost continent. From the Indus valley to the Far East of the Pacific, we can find some of the most intriguing remains and monuments. Could civilization have existed well before the end of the last Ice Age?

Course leader: Florimond Krins

Admission Fee: per event £15 (£12 concs)
Admission Fee: entire event £40 (£30 concs)

Speaker: Catarina Moreira


Mr. Florimond Krins | talks


Date and Time:

25 April 2018 at 7:00 pm


2 hours



New Acropolis
19 Compton Terrace
N1 2UN

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