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Environmental Parliament

The Pacific Ocean - Debate & Consensus - Geo Engineering and Action
Sunday May 3rd 2009 at 3pm in London
Ravens Ait Island Environmental Community Conference and Debate Centre,

Environmental Parliament
Environmental Parliament


Agriculture Food production and Soil Discussion. Earth's loss of fertility, salinization, desertification, unsustainability, drought, warming temperatures and population pressures. Species extinction and habitat loss leads to bee population disappearing and loss of insect pollination services. Upside? We will discuss the benefits of aquaculture, permaculture and one straw revolution. Agriculture - Debate & Consensus - Geo Engineering and Action

Sunday May 10rd 2009 at 3pm in London

Friends House & Conference Centre, Euston - St Pancras international Train Station.

173 Euston Rd - NW1 2BJ - London


1)What are the 5 top issues and tipping points for the Agriculture and Soil environment?

2)What is real and meaningful in environmental action for the hotzones and other safer areas.

3)What agricultural methods cause warming, depletion and acidification of the oceans.

4)What is the Truth about the food production ecosystem: What, where, when, why, how and who?

5)Geoscience & Geoengineering Solutions.... a)Focus on desertification and warming. b)Address the plight of the temperate zone and the great equatorial deserts. c) What are the programmes of US government and the UN? d) Is there any agenda item for the Copenhagen meetings about the people's food production? e)What are the most effective geoengineering and geoscience schemes to address?


We will discuss and debate warming, pollution, acidity, and increased energy inputs to grow crops.

Introduced and moderated by Pano Kroko, founder of the Environmental Parliament.
www.environmentalparliament.org {Invitation to join the EcoParliament Network}
panokroko@gmail.com Tel 07952761480
All major Environmental Organizations have been invited to participate in the debate.

HOW TO GET THERE : Tube to Euston Square or for those coming from Europe, the St Pancras International train Station.

http://www.environmentalparliament.org {Invitation to join the Parliament Network}

Environmental Parliament

The inaugural debates of Easter Sunday 12th of April, 2009 reached Consensus on the top five issues facing the planet, the people and the environment.


We convened, debated and agreed that the top issues facing all of us are: 1) Deforestation 2) Despeciation 3) Human caused climate change 4) Oceans & water 5) Energy & Carbon Economies

Consensus - Geo action and further debate is centered around these subcategories: a) Habitat destruction - deforestation - despeciation. b) Agriculture & Soil erosion, salinization, desertification, loss of fertility. c) Overpopulation and increased per capita impact on the environment. d) Water management e) Buildup of Toxins in the environment f) Ocean acidity, warming, salinity, carbon sinks, pollution & overfishing. g) Earth's photosynthesis and energy. h) Human caused climate change reversal.

On May 10th we will debate Agriculture and Soil depletion, loss of fertility, salinization, desertification, sustainability in food production and aquaculture-permaculture and one straw revolution.

On May 17th we shall debate the Deforestation and Despeciation. The loss of Habitat and resultant ecosystem changes.Measures to reverse it and costs of stopping it. Brazil's example vs Indonesia's method of timber harvest. Tropical rainforests to northern rainforests.

On May 24th we will debate Energy and Earth's Photosynthesis. Debate about the Fossil fuel economy and impacts to local habitat, species, animals and peoples. Positive and negative outcomes. From Niger delta to Equador and the Amazonas oil patches. After the debate we will show in a special screening the film ''Crude''.

On May 31st we will debate the Carbon Trading Schemes, the Clean Coal energy and the UK carbon economy basis of the new budget promoting clean coal energy generation. The presentation of the first Clean coal factory of Vatenfall will be discussed.

Please join up the Environmental Parliament Community to support your Ecosystem and voice your concerns for the planet.

Become a member here and now. It is a free and Direct Action for the Environment. Invite your organization to make a presence in this community and to participate in the debates.

http://www.environmentalparliament.org {Invitation to join the Parliament Network}


Dr Pano Kroko | talks | www


Date and Time:

3 May 2009 at 3:00 pm


3 hours



Environmental Parliament
Friends House & Conference Centre, 173 Euston Road
Euston Station & St pancras International Station


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