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Cinema of the Occult: Rituals, Perversion and Sorcery

Clips of rituals and other fabulations of esoteric orders evoking abstract, Thelemic, chaosic and confounding strange experiences and entities.

Our speaker observes: Occult rituals in cinema have long been used as an excuse to create hypnotic representations of perversions. The base notion of s** as a collective assemblage event entwines with the delight of costume, invocative chanting and bodies in communion with other libidinal worlds. S** and nudity are always inherent, but not as we know them. This week we will witness clips including rituals by Templars, Vampiric Illuminati and other fabulations of esoteric orders evoking abstract, Thelemic, chaosic and sometimes confounding strange experiences and entities. The notion of ritual as a cinematically sexual experience of being ‘used’ by the great god cinema itself, and Lyotard’s libidinal economy as well as MacCormack’s cinesmasochism will thread its way through the talk to explore our begging of cinema to use us in our spectator rituals. Come watch, listen, debate!


Dr Patricia MacCormack | talks | www


Date and Time:

4 February 2010 at 7:15 pm


2 hours 30 minutes



Treadwell's Books
33 Store Street
020 7419 8507

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