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National Army Museum

Royal Hospital Road

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Upcoming Lectures and Events

‘Eve in Khaki': Women and the British Army, 1917-48

2 Mar 18

Kipling’s ‘The Eyes of Asia’

7 Mar 18

Researching women and the military

9 Mar 18

“A Bloodless Victory”: The Battle of New Orleans in history and memory

9 Mar 18

Operation Telic, 15 years on

16 Mar 18

Special Forces: The Originals

23 Mar 18

The British Army and its Intelligence Corps, 1904-1940

30 Mar 18

Previous Lectures and Events

Poetry and prose by women in the First World War charms

22 Sep 17

Alcohol, drugs and lucky charms

15 Sep 17

What the WAACs did next

8 Sep 17

Masculinity and the British Army officer

1 Sep 17

Refugees from the Partition of India

25 Aug 17

Partition of India: 70 years on

18 Aug 17

‘Eve in Khaki’: Women and the British Army

2 Mar 17

Revamping the Vamp: Mata Hari Myths and Realities

20 Feb 17

Chilcot: Six Months On

16 Feb 17

How First World War Stretcher Bearers Changed Medicine Forever

6 Feb 17

Protesting the Wars: Cell Block Graffiti at Richmond Castle

26 Jan 17

Churchill, Attlee and the Generals

19 Jan 17

Wellington's Eastern Front: The Campaigns on the East Coast of Spain, 1810-14

2 Dec 16

Somme: 141 Days, 141 Lives

29 Nov 16

Does Your Country Have the Right to Make You Fight?

15 Nov 16

For King and Another Country: Indian Soldiers in the First World War

8 Nov 16

Kitchener: Hero or Anti-Hero?

2 Nov 16

The Battle of Hastings: 950th Anniversary

27 Oct 16

The Legacy of British Involvement in Afghanistan

13 Oct 16

The Every Man's Club: A Haven from the Hell of the Trenches

6 Oct 16

From Fact To Fiction: How the Real-life Stories of Cadbury Women Workers Inspired 'Comforts for the

22 Sep 16

Myths and Legacies of the Battle of the Somme

21 Sep 16

National Service

12 Jan 16

Rethinking Indian Soldiers and the First World War

14 Dec 15

From the Suez Canal to Megiddo: The British Imperial Army's War in Sinai and Palestine, 1916-18

30 Nov 15

The Indian Sepoy in First World War Culture: Object, Images, Songs

16 Nov 15

Illiterate but Literary? The Censored Correspondence of Indian Soldiers in France, 1914-1918

2 Nov 15

Remembering the West Indian contribution to the First World War

19 Oct 15

The Secret War: Spies, Codes and Guerrillas 1939-45

8 Oct 15

British Women on the Serbian Front in 1915

5 Oct 15

Black Poppies - Britain's Black Community and the Great War. Stephen Bourne

21 Sep 15

Screening Anzacs - film and television representations of the Anzac experience of the Great War.

7 Sep 15

The First World War in 100 Objects, Professor Gary Sheffield

19 Feb 15

Secret Weapons of WWII

19 Nov 11


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