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Ecology and Conservation Studies Society

17 Croftdown Road
020 7485 7903

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Previous Lectures and Events

Panel Presentation and Discussion: Inspiring New Naturalists and Taxonomists

20 Nov 09

‘Taxonomy, Natural History and the Digital World’

13 Nov 09

‘Botany, palynology, and mycology: powerful weapons in the forensic armoury’

6 Nov 09

‘Illegal Use of Endangered species and the use of miss-identified plants’

30 Oct 09

‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind: our lives depend on the hidden kingdom – Fungi’

23 Oct 09

‘Taxonomy, Systematics and Conservation Biology’

16 Oct 09

‘The Future of Freshwaters: lessons from the Merchant of Venice. Have we backed the wrong horses in

20 Mar 09

Does climate change pose a threat to our freshwater ecosystems?’

13 Mar 09

‘Freshwater nature conservation and pollution: how important is it, and what can we do about it?’

6 Mar 09

‘Getting on with the job: taking practical action for freshwater ecology and conservation’

27 Feb 09

‘Water management for nature conservation: conflicts and synergies’

20 Feb 09

‘The state of river ecosystems: a degraded past, an uncertain future?’

13 Feb 09

“What is Land for?; - For ever, for everyone: What does the nation need from land?”

21 Nov 08

“What is Land for?; - Eco-Towns: Will they be Eco-? Can they become Towns?”

14 Nov 08

“What is Land for?; - The Big Brownfield Biodiversity Botch”

7 Nov 08

“What is Land for?; - Sustainable cities - a space for nature?”

7 Nov 08

“What is Land for?; - managing land and water in an integrated way”

31 Oct 08

“What is Land for?; - Farming futures: will there be room for wildlife?”

24 Oct 08

What is Land for?; - Whose land is it anyway? Can we reconcile competing demands?”

17 Oct 08

“Global Impacts of Climate Change, - the Human Dimension: Rainforest Ecosystems and Conservation an

14 Mar 08

“Global Impacts of Climate Change, - the Human Dimension: Concerns and Roles of International Develo

7 Mar 08

“Global Impacts of Climate Change, - the Human Dimension: Climate Change and the Polar Regions: bar

29 Feb 08

“Global Impacts of Climate Change, - the Human Dimension: The Impact on Coral Reefs’”

22 Feb 08

“Global Impacts of Climate Change, - the Human Dimension: How to Grow a Peat Bog in a Computer, and

15 Feb 08

“Global Impacts of Climate Change, - the Human Dimension: Biosphere and Human Interactions”

8 Feb 08

“British Wildlife and Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation Measures on Specific Sites

16 Nov 07

“British Wildlife and Climate Change: Adaptation Actions for High Biodiversity”

9 Nov 07

“British Wildlife and Climate Change: Can Birds Fly from Climate Change?”

2 Nov 07

“British Wildlife and Climate Change: the British Flora - effects of changes to habitat and climate

26 Oct 07

“British Wildlife and Climate Change: Species' Ranges - who will be winners or losers?”

19 Oct 07

“British Wildlife and Climate Change: Phenology - the timing of natural events.

12 Oct 07

'Conservation and Sustainability: The Marine Bill: Cornucopia or Pandora's Box?'

16 Mar 07

'Conservation and Sustainability: London's Waste Strategy; Problems and Solutions'

9 Mar 07

'Conservation and Sustainability: Soils, Land Use and Development Policy

2 Mar 07

'Conservation and Sustainability: Balancing Water Resources; Principles of Sustainable Development'

23 Feb 07

'Conservation and Sustainability: Secure Energy and a Stable Climate - how possible is it?'

16 Feb 07

'Conservation and Sustainability: Solving Global Warming?'

9 Feb 07

‘Landscape: does it help or undermine the cause of conservation?’

17 Nov 06

'The Wicken Vision - creating a new wetland landscape in Cambridgeshire - progress and problems'

10 Nov 06

‘The Foresters with Horns - large herbivores in the wildwood and modern naturalistic grazing systems

3 Nov 06

‘Rewilding: The Vision, Examples, Constraints and Benefits’

27 Oct 06

‘Ministry of Defence Large Scale Conservation, including coastal and climate change issues’

20 Oct 06

‘Conservation on a Grand Scale: what, why and where?’

13 Oct 06


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