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Deeper than Darwin: The Further Evolution of Consciousness

David Lorimer in dialogue with Chris Parish

Deeper than Darwin: The Further Evolution of Consciousness

With his earth shattering ‘On the Origin of Species,’ the great Charles Darwin launched, arguably, the beginning of the end of the great mythic religions and the elevation of science as the primary source of truth for Western civilization.

It’s less well known that prior to Darwin’s discovery, major European philosophers were already wrestling with big questions about the evolution of the cosmos. Yet it is the implications and ramifications of Darwin’s momentous discovery that have continued to reverberate through the passage of time.

The evident truth and fact of evolution inspired gifted 20th century visionaries, such as Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo, as well as many others before and since, to add their own interpretation and insights to this discovery. And they observed, inferred and experienced that there was far more to the picture than simply natural and biological evolution. Entering into the interior dimensions of evolution, they began to map out the territory of consciousness itself.

It is precisely into this territory that the innovative writer and educationalist David Lorimer and Chris Parish, a dedicated explorer of consciousness, will take us, uncovering wisdom, profound truths and new perspectives on the implications of the evolution of consciousness. And hopefully you will get a sense of how valuable and meaningful this is for the lives we lead.

David Lorimer has had a long-term fascination with this kind of enquiry and has published several books, such as 'Thinking Beyond the Brain and 'Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality'. He is also a director of the Scientific and Medical Network as well as the Wrekin Tust.

Chris Parish has devoted much of his life to this investigation. For 25 years he has studied and practiced and taught evolutionary enlightenment under the guidance of Andrew Cohen, coming to be a foremost authority and the director of the EnlightenNext organisation in the UK.


Mr David Lorimer | talks | www
Mr Chris Parish | talks | www


Date and Time:

10 November 2011 at 7:30 pm


2 hours



13 Windsor Street
N1 8QG
020 7288 7000

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