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The Myth of Satan

No conception of devils was intended in the ancient allegories

The metaphysics of esoteric philosophy tell us that duality exists only on the manifested planes, so as a spiritual Deity cannot manifest as God, or indeed as a Devil, where did these ideas come from?

This quotation from H.P.Blavatsky throws some light on this troubled subject:

"Several years ago an acquaintance of the author wrote a newspaper article to demonstrate that the diabolism or Satan of the New Testament denoted the personification of an abstract idea, and not a personal being. He was answered by a clergyman, who concluded the reply with the deprecatory expression, “I fear that he has denied his Saviour.” In his rejoinder he pleaded, “Oh, no! we only denied the Devil.” But the clergyman failed to perceive the difference. In his conception of the matter, the denying of the personal objective existence of the Devil was itself “the sin against the Holy Ghost.”
This necessary Evil, dignified by the epithet of “Father of Lies,” was, according to the clergy, the founder of all the world-religions of ancient time, and of the heresies, or rather heterodoxies, of later periods, as well as the Dues ex Machine of modern Spiritualism. In the exceptions which we take to this notion, we protest that we do not attack true religion or sincere piety. We are only carrying on a controversy with human dogmas. Perhaps in doing this we resemble Don Quixote, because these things are only windmills. Nevertheless, let it be remembered that they have been the occasion and pretext for the slaughtering of more than fifty millions of human beings since the words were proclaimed: “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.”*
It is a late day for us to expect the Christian clergy to undo and amend their work. They have too much at stake. If the Christian Church should abandon or even modify the dogma of an anthropomorphic devil, it would be like pulling the bottom card from under a castle of cards. The structure would fall. The clergymen to whom we have alluded perceived that upon the relinquishing of Satan as a personal devil, the dogma of Jesus Christ as the second deity in their trinity must go over in the same catastrophe. Incredible, or even horrifying, as it may seem, the Roman Church bases its doctrine of the godhood of Christ entirely upon the Satanism of the fallen archangel. We have the testimony of Father Ventura, who proclaims the vital importance of this dogma to the Catholics.
The Reverend Father Ventura, the illustrious ex-general of the Théatins, certifies that the Chevalier des Mousseaux, by his treatise, Mœurs et Pratiques des Démons, has deserved well of mankind, and still more of the most Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. With this voucher, the noble Chevalier, it will be perceived, “speaks as one having authority.” He asserts explicitly, that to the Devil and his angels we are absolutely indebted for our Saviour; and that but for them we would have no Redeemer, no Christianity." [Isis Unveiled Vol ii, p 478/9]
* Gospel according to Matthew, v. 44.

The tenants of Theosophy are absolute Brotherhood among all men and Charity & Altruism first and foremost.


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Date and Time:

5 February 2006 at 7:00 pm


1 hour 30 minutes



United Lodge of Theosophists
62 Queens Gardens
W2 3AH
020 7723 0688

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Venue is near Paddington and Lancaster gate underground stations - call 020 7723 0688 for queries.

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