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THE BIG DEBATE: Does God Exist?

A Landmark Event Organised By The Team That Brought You The Economics Debate

We have all had come to our own conclusions on the matter in some way. By definition even atheists have, otherwise they would not have come to any conclusion. Some of us grapple with it constantly. This is because all other questions are affected by the answer. Thus, it is vital that this question be entertained in the best and most civilised manner, which is a debate:

1. Why Does God Not Stop Pain & Evil?
2. If God Is All Knowing And Knows Our Future, Then How Is That Free Will?
3. Why Did God Create Us If He Is Self-Sufficient?
4. Why Should God Make People, Knowing They Are Going To Hell Forever?
5. Why Can't There Be More Than One God?
6. Can God Make A Rock So Big That He Cannot Pick It Up?
7. If Everything Needs A Creator, Then Who Or What Created God?
8. How Can Something That Cannot Be Described Be Said To Exist?
9. If God Is In Control Of All Things, Does He Make Me Sin?
10. Is God A He, She, Neither, or both?

To debate these questions and obviously the most important one “Does God Exist?”:


Mr Hamza Thortiz | talks | www
Mr Phil Harris, Senior Biology Teacher | talks
Chair Adil Brir, Philosophy Student | talks


Date and Time:

26 April 2006 at 4:30 pm


1 hour



Monoux College
Chingford Road
E17 5AA
Show map

Organised by:

London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
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Free Entry

Available from:

Additional Information:

Adil: 07949145817

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Posted at 1:20 AM on 27 April, 2006 by Anthony J Andrews

I've been looking forward to this debate ever since I heard about it. I arrived at the college but I should have phoned to say I was coming as there some difficulty in non-college people entering the building. Some 200 people crammed into a room made for thirty. After a 45 minute delay, where we eventually had to change rooms, I needed to leave for work. With the interest and excitement that hung in the atmosphere, I'm sure this was an excellent debate... one that deserved far more than an hour. I hope I can catch another one soon.


Posted at 6:12 AM on 27 April, 2006 by Gulum Alamgir


I helped organise the debate at the College. The previous debate was on Economics ''Poverty: How To Make It History?''. Between a Muslim Financial Analyst working in CanaryWharf and Barry Reeves, Head of Economics. If you are interested in not only attending debates but being apart of the building process of an intellectual community, then drop me an email at gulum.a@gmail.com or call on 07830041904


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