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A late 19th Century German Secret Occult Society Revealed: The Fraternitas Borealis

The F.B., amidst a racially obsessed German occult scene, was committed to inclusive, non-racist, ‎universalist principles.‎

Nineteenth and early twentieth century Germany saw an uprising of cultural and magico-religious pagan movements, including the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Fraternitas Saturni, runic societies and neo-pagan groups of various stripes. One highly secret order, never before revealed, is the Fraternitas Borealis. Established in the late 1800s with likely links to the Cosmic Circle (Kosmiker-Kreis) and possibly to Carl Jung, its secrecy deepened as the German occult scene furthered its racial obsessions – the F.B. was committed to inclusive, non-racist, universalist principles, and was far from being a typical volkish organization. The F.B. never interested itself in a physical master race but instead in a metaphysical Übermensch to be created using initiatory techniques of the hyperborean (Northern) tradition. Tonight’s speaker reveals the history of this intriguing group and its ideas, including: Kosmogonic Eros, Wotan-Krist, Blood-Gnosis, Black Sun, Esoteric Love and Rune Empowerments. David Beth is the F.B.’s Hochmeister and a leading proponent of Michael Bertiaux’s interpretation of voudon. A university-educated German historian, he was raised in West Africa and has lived in Europe and the USA.


David Beth | talks | www


Date and Time:

12 July 2007 at 7:15 pm


1 hour 30 minutes



Treadwell's Books
33 Store Street
020 7419 8507

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Treadwells Books

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