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A Different Way to Change Ourselves and the World

This workshop is designed for individuals who are inspired by the idea that there is a different way to change themselves and the world.

Evolutionary Enlightenment
A Different Way to Change Ourselves and the World

Throughout history, pioneering individuals have come together and changed the course of humanity. There have been many powerful turning points in our collective history and now it seems that we are at the edge of another profound turning point in human civilization. The question is: who will be the innovators, explorers and architects of the future?
This workshop is designed for individuals who are inspired by the idea that there is a different way to change themselves and the world. Change happens when an individual begins to awaken to a new consciousness, a new way of being. This in turn leads to the impulse to do something quite different in the world. Acting on the principle that inner awakening leads to outer change, the awakened individual starts to want to take an active role in creating a new future and no longer wants a future that repeats the conditionings of the past. Instead, there is a compulsion to create a new horizon of potential and possibility for all rather than simply survive the crises we are facing as a species. The challenges we face demand a new way of understanding who we are and where we are going as a species. We need a new worldview—a new way to make sense of life. In this one-day seminar, Andrew Cohen will guide you through an experience of non-dual awakening and how it can open you to new dimensions. In particular, you will:

•Learn to identify the evolutionary impulse that seeks to move within you;
•Discover an unbelievable excitement and thrill about life and what it means to open to the life force and to always seek the possibility of the new;
•Begin to live from a place that excites you, turns you on constantly and lights up your heart and mind; and
•Realise that the thrill we feel is not separate from the very impulse that initiated the entire creative process out of nothing fourteen billion years ago.

In Andrew Cohen’s teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment, the most important step for the individual is simply to awaken to the evolutionary impulse and then align his or her own intention with that creative force of the universe. It is not something that any one of us has to manufacture through philosophical or intellectual inquiry. It is the nature of the creative process itself.

Originator of Evolutionary Enlightenment, a contemporary spiritual and philosophical teaching, Cohen has mapped a comprehensive framework for the development of our higher human potentials. Central to this teaching is the awakening to an experiential recognition of what Cohen calls the Evolutionary Impulse as the animating life-force within us. By becoming ever more conscious of this force and aligning ourselves to it, we can become powerful instruments for human transformation, starting at the most fundamental level—the level of consciousness itself.

The day will include dialogue and meditation.

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is an American spiritual teacher whose name is synonymous with a new kind of Enlightenment. His core message is that enlightenment today is not just about the power of now—it’s about the power of the next moment, and the next, and the next. Andrew Cohen is the founder and editor-in chief of the award-winning magazine EnlightenNext, and he has spent the past two decades exploring and redefining the meaning of spiritual awakening in our time.
Andrew Cohen has presented at numerous forums over the years, including the Parliament of World’s Religions (2004, 2009), LOHAS International Conference, International Transpersonal Conference, Integral Leadership in Action, International Conference on the Frontiers of Yoga and Consciousness Research, India, as well as universities, spiritual centers, and business settings around the world.

Andrew Cohen offers talks, retreats, publications, and ongoing dialogues with the leading philosophers, mystics, and activists of our time. Cohen has eight centers worldwide, including a 220-acre retreat center in Massachusetts and a state-of-the-art “green” center in London, England.He travels extensively each year, lecturing and leading retreats on Evolutionary Enlightenment around the world. He is the author of several books, his latest being Living Enlightenment: A Call for Evolution Beyond Ego.

Visit: www.andrewcohen.org/


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Date and Time:

17 September 2010 at 10:30 am


Full Day



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