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Psychology Seminar Series, Goldsmiths' College

Richard Hoggart Building
New Cross
SE14 6NW
020 7919 7871
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Previous Lectures and Events

Near Death Experiences During Cardiac Arrest

23 Mar 10

The Science of Magic

9 Mar 10

Believing in the Da Vinci Code: Social-Cognitive Predictors and Correlates

2 Mar 10

Intellectual Black Holes

23 Feb 10

How Many People Really Believe in Astrology?

9 Feb 10

Understanding Delusional Thinking: A Scientist-Practitioner Perspective

2 Feb 10

How Parapsychologists Nullify Null Results

19 Jan 10

Supernatural Belief: Me or Memes?

8 Dec 09

Happiness: The Failure of a New Science

24 Nov 09

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Sleep Paralysis

10 Nov 09

The Good Daughter: When an Adult Recovers “Memories” of Parental Child Sexual Abuse

27 Oct 09

Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine (and the Media) on Trial

12 May 09

Can Science Accommodate Psychic Experience?

24 Mar 09

Do psychology and Philosophy Need Each Other?

3 Mar 09

The Real X Files

3 Feb 09

Morphic Resonance, Collective Memory and the Habits of Nature

20 Jan 09

Magical Beliefs and the Two Cerebral Hemispheres

9 Dec 08

Psychoactive Plants and Psychic People: Does Psilocybin Really Cause Psi?

18 Nov 08

Time to Rewrite Your Autobiography?

11 Nov 08

Conspiracy Beliefs: A Social Psychological Perspective

21 Oct 08

Is God a Dangerous Meme?

7 Oct 08

Why is that important to you?

18 Mar 08

The Truth about Mediums

11 Mar 08

Rorschach Audio: Implications for the Electronic Voice Phenomenon and Art

26 Feb 08

Chance, Luck and Destiny: A Psychological Perspective

19 Feb 08

Magical belief and the two cerebral hemispheres

29 Jan 08

Personality and Lucid Dreaming

22 Jan 08

The View from the Other Side

4 Dec 07

Deathbed visions, coincidences, and intriguing tales of Grandfather’s Clock

27 Nov 07

The Need to be Authentic

13 Nov 07

Parapsychology: Predicting the Future

23 Oct 07


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