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Dulwich Picture Gallery

Gallery Road
SE21 7AD
+44 20 86 93 52 54
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Previous Lectures and Events

Jennie Churchill: Ambitious Seductress, Style Icon or Winstonís Pushy Mother?

2 Dec 14

Alan Turing: The Man who invented the Computer

25 Nov 14

Cautious Pragmatism or Visionary Utopia? The Philosophy of William

11 Nov 14

Elizabeth Fry: Prison Reformer and Early Feminist

4 Nov 14

Horatio Nelson and the Final Triumph of the Georgian Navy

21 Oct 14

St Paul the Apostle: Still Shaping the World

14 Oct 14

Martin Luther and the end of Religion

23 Sep 14

Florence Nightingale: A Reluctant Celebrity

16 Sep 14

Galileo: Science, Religion, Philosophy

8 Jul 14

Joseph Lister: Medical Revolutionary

1 Jul 14

A Healthy Debate Series:

26 Jun 14

Shakespeare: Playwright and Prophet

24 Jun 14

A Healthy Debate Series:

19 Jun 14

Muhammadís Biography: Islam and Revisionist History

10 Jun 14

Emmeline Pankhurst and the Struggle to Enfranchise Women

20 May 14

Friedrich Engels: Curious Case of the Missing Body (and Mind)

6 May 14

Socrates: his Significance Then and Now

29 Apr 14

Double Helical DNA: The Secret of Life Discovered

1 Apr 14

Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Man who built the World

25 Mar 14

Sigmund Freud: Still relevant in the 21st Century?

25 Feb 14

Isaac Newtonís Private Lives: Some New Findings

11 Feb 14

Ideas and the Future

10 Dec 13

Getting Connected - Social Networks; Ancient and Modern

3 Dec 13

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

26 Nov 13

Rubens Unravelled: Mars, Venus and Cupid

23 Nov 13

Human Evolution: Ancestors and Relatives you never knew you had

12 Nov 13

The Emergence of Landscape: From Setting to Stand Alone

26 Oct 13

The Worlds in which we Live: Religious Ideas and Beliefs

15 Oct 13

Secularisation - or not?

8 Oct 13

Our Debt to Plato

24 Sep 13

From Darwin to DNA

17 Sep 13

Creationism - A new Fundamentalism

10 Sep 13

Picturing the Artist

6 Jul 13

European Law and Grasping the Nettle of British Sovereignty

25 Jun 13

Communism: Theory and Practise

11 Jun 13

Good and Bad Religion - The Challenge for Today

4 Jun 13

The Art of Looking at Paintings

18 May 13

Psychiatry: How did it get here and will it survive?

23 Apr 13

The Future of the Arts: Defending High Culture

19 Mar 13

The Welsh Wizard: David Lloyd Georgeís Legacy

18 Mar 13

Changing Narratives: Telling Stories in Paintings

16 Mar 13

The Antarctic - Up for Grabs

5 Mar 13

200 Million and Counting: Contemporary Migration

12 Feb 13

Free Speech

5 Feb 13

Animal Rights

29 Jan 13

From Conflict to Confucious: How Modern China's Past is Shaping its Future

22 Jan 13

The Dawning of the West, AC Grayling

15 Jan 13

Ideas that Changed the World

9 Jan 13

Making Sense of Modern Art: 1900 - World War II

31 Jul 04

The Art of the Garden

22 Jul 04

Dulwich in 1900

25 Jun 04

The Talented Mr Brown

24 Jun 04

Friendsí Garden Party and Opening of the Friendsí Summer Exhibition

18 Jun 04

Angelic Antics - searching for meetings and messages

15 Jun 04

Curating Exhibitions

10 Jun 04

Phizz-mongering: a look at portraiture

8 Jun 04

Henry Moore: Too Famous For His Own Good?

3 Jun 04

The Hogarth Paintings at Sir John Soane's Museum

27 May 04

From Idol to Image: A History of Sculpture

22 May 04

Henry Moore: Reflections and Reminiscences

20 May 04

Henry Moore

13 May 04


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