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Conway Hall Ethical Society

25 Red Lion Square
020 7405 1818
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Upcoming Lectures and Events

Among the Women of Isis

18 Nov 19

Previous Lectures and Events

Hearing the Light: Skipping Pylons and the Strange Sound of Silent Motion

23 Oct 18

Stop Being Reasonable: Stories of how we really change our minds

1 Sep 19

A History of Christian and Muslim Intolerance and Beyond

19 Aug 19

Why Diets Don’t Work – and Other Myths About Food and Health

15 Jul 19

The Return of Race Science

14 Jul 19

Lowborn – Growing Up, Getting Away and Returning to Britain’s Poorest Towns

16 Jun 19

ouTubers – How YouTube shook up TV and Created a New Generation of Stars

21 May 19

Denial, Denialism and Post-Denialism – Why is Speaking Truth so Difficult?

7 Apr 19

The Rage: The Vicious Circle of Islamist and Far Right Extremism

24 Feb 19

Perils of Perception – Why We’re Wrong About Nearly Everything

18 Feb 19

Depression in a Digital Age – The Highs and Lows of Perfectionism

10 Feb 19

Darkness – A Cultural History

27 Jan 19

£8 • £4 • Free Conway Hall Ethical Society presents: Thinking on Monday: Adventures in the Anthrop

21 Jan 19

Civil Partnerships for All

13 Jan 19

Drawbridge Britain – Where Did the Hostile Environment Against Immigrants Come From?

2 Dec 18

The Ethical Stripper

28 Oct 18

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe Live

20 Oct 18

The Pink Pound – Do Homosexuality and Capitalism have a History?

16 Oct 18

Undercover – The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police

14 Oct 18

Turning The Tide On Plastic

29 Jul 18

The Almighty Dollar

15 Jul 18

Thinking on Sunday: Vaccination Myths

1 Jul 18

Alt-Right – From 4chan to the White House

16 Jun 18

Divided – Living in an Age of Walls

3 Jun 18

Why the World Needs A Vagina Museum

20 May 18

Save Democracy – Abolish Voting

13 May 18


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