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Talk About Speech

Informal discussion/Q&A with the writer, director, accent coach and phonetician Geoff Lindsey

Geoff's main area of linguistic expertise is in phonetics and phonology. He has also worked as an accent coach ('accent reduction' is the slightly misleading term often used for this), written and directed film (including his short film The Clap and the feature film The Flying Machine for which he also arranged Chopin's music) and written for TV (including for The Bill and Eastenders).

Geoff has recently been working with the phonologist Péter Szigetvári on a free online pronunciation dictionary which aims to provide more accurate transcriptions than those used in most dictionaries.

Geoff's blog Speech Talk is one of our favourite resources and often referred to in class. We recently discussed his posts on using General British (GB) as a term to replace Received Pronunciation (RP) and on why British/English speech is often seen as an 'accent of evil' We also recently listened to Geoff and Stephen Fry talking about intonation.

Come along for a fascinating discussion of a range of topics about how English and other languages are pronounced and why your dictionary is probably misinforming you about how English is pronounced.


Dr. Geoff Lindsey | talks | www


Date and Time:

12 February 2015 at 3:00 pm


1 hour 30 minutes



English, Middlesex University
The Burroughs
+44 20 84 11 65 55

More at English, Middlesex University...




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Additional Information:

All welcome. This talk takes place in Room V104, Vine Building, Directions to campus here:


Contact Billy Clark for further information

Talk About Language is a series of research presentations, informal discussions, screenings and other events organised by staff and students in English Language and Media, in partnership with the Language and Communication student society. The staff facilitator for the series and the society is Billy Clark

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