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English, Middlesex University

The Burroughs
+44 20 84 11 65 55
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Previous Lectures and Events

Relevance Theory: A Short Course (4 of 4)

31 Oct 16

Relevance Theory: A Short Course (3 of 4)

24 Oct 16

Relevance Theory: A Short Course (2 of 4)

17 Oct 16

Relevance Theory: A Short Course (1 of 4)

10 Oct 16

At least, at most, more than, fewer

24 Mar 15

Steps in stylistics

10 Mar 15

Talk About Speech

12 Feb 15

'Like or Else!' The Pragmatics of Arabic Religious Posts on Facebook

3 Feb 15

Online Resources for Grammar Teaching

23 Jan 15

Preparing and Giving Presentations

9 Dec 14

Disnarration in fact and fiction

2 Dec 14

Changing identity on the small screen: transformations, vampires and language in Buffy the Vampire S

18 Nov 14

Gender, Language and the Media

30 Apr 14

Frenemies and fans: The emergence of different YouTube communities

7 Apr 14

Parseltongue and Estonian Swedish

31 Mar 14

Informal Research Presentations

17 Mar 14

Creative Writing and Stylistics

14 Mar 14

'Eh! Two Ts in settee!'

6 Nov 12

Linguistics and law: two disciplines divided by a common interest in language

21 Mar 11

Feeling the Meaning: Poetry, Syntax and the Reader

14 Mar 11

Are you 'human garbage' in God's eyes?: investigating metaphor and antagonism in YouTube discourse

7 Mar 11

The Amn't Gap Revisited

21 Feb 11

Over-Informative Children

7 Feb 11

'I don't mean anything' - Applying Gricean and Post-Gricean Pragmatics

31 Jan 11

Mission Improbable:: Making grammar relevant to secondary English teaching

24 Jan 11

Inference and Writing

5 Mar 10

Metaphor in Relevance Theory and Cognitive Linguistics

20 May 09

Reading Group Discourse: a Corpus-based Analysis of Argumentation and Collaboration

6 May 09

Pragmatic Stylistics

16 Jul 08

'Sounds Familiar?' Exploring Accents and Dialects of the UK

7 Feb 08

Studying Language Variation and Change using audio archive material.

7 Feb 08

'Sounds Familiar?' Exploring Accents and Dialects of the UK

7 Feb 08

Dissecting Politeness: What minding your Ps and Qs reveals about you

25 Apr 06

Pragmatics and Reference

4 Apr 06

Grammar and Education

28 Mar 06

English Language Seminars

21 Mar 06

English Language Seminars

14 Mar 06

English Language Seminars

7 Mar 06

English Language Seminars

28 Feb 06

English Language Seminars

21 Feb 06

English Language Seminars

14 Feb 06

English Language Seminars

7 Feb 06

English Language Seminars

31 Jan 06


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