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Sheikh Zayed Theatre, London School of Economics

New Academic Building
Lincoln's Inn Fields

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Previous Lectures and Events

Policy Challenges for Growth in Africa and South Asia

25 Sep 12

The Future of Cities in Britain: a pre-election debate

29 Apr 10

The Greek Fiscal Crisis and the Future of the Euro-Zone

28 Apr 10

From Double-Consciousness to Public Diplomacy: the changing value of African-American culture

8 Feb 10

Uninhibited, Robust and Wide-Open: a free press for a new century

1 Feb 10

Time for a New Policy Paradigm: resources, technology and human well-being

21 Jan 10

The War on Drugs: an upper or downer for development?

16 Jan 10

Crisis as Motivation? The Challenges of Sustaining Growth in Southeast Asia

14 Jan 10

Electoral Reform in the Wake of the Economic Crisis

17 Dec 09

MTV, Music Media and Morality

30 Nov 09

The Silverstone Panel on Digital Natives: A Lost Tribe?

24 Nov 09

How Markets Fail: The Problem of Rational Irrationality

23 Nov 09

What Next? Surviving the 21st Century

18 Nov 09

Cities, Design and Climate Change

17 Nov 09

People Power and the End of the Cold War

16 Nov 09

The First Legacy Games: the physical and socio-economic transformation of East London

10 Nov 09

The Politics of Media and Cultural Policy

28 Oct 09

Climate Change Policy: why has so little been achieved?

27 Oct 09

Stuff White People Like - How to find social success with the urban-dwelling middle classes

22 Oct 09

Predictioneer: How to predict the future with game-theory

21 Oct 09

Why I Grew to Love America and You Should Too

20 Oct 09

Beijing Inside Out: Caochangdi

19 Oct 09

The Government of Uncertainty: how to follow the politics of oil

15 Oct 09

Cities and the Environment

14 Oct 09

China and Financial Reform

13 Oct 09

Justice and the Moral Limits of Markets

12 Oct 09

The Tsar Liberates Europe? Russia against Napoleon, 1807-1814

8 Oct 09

Bringing the Penal State Back In

6 Oct 09

The Idea of Justice

27 Jul 09

Communication Power

9 Jul 09

The Museum of the 21st Century

7 Jul 09

Capitalism 3.0

16 Jun 09

Consolodating Kosovo's European Future: tracing next steps

13 May 09

Voodoo Histories: from the protocols to 9/11

7 May 09

European Integration in the Era of the Market -State

30 Apr 09

Wars, GUns and Votes: democracy in dangerous places

29 Apr 09

The State between Migration and Dojourning: the China difference

28 Apr 09

Architecture as Investment

27 Apr 09

Changing Values for a Just and Sustainable World

1 Apr 09

In praise of weak incentives

26 Mar 09

The Brain That Changes Itself: The Neuroplasticity Revolution and its implications

17 Mar 09

Energy Security in South East Europe

16 Mar 09

Flexible Employment, Stable Society?

12 Mar 09

Will the Rich Man's Crisis Crush the Emerging Economies?

10 Mar 09

A Lecture by Jack Straw MP

3 Mar 09

Biography Writing: Lives in Context

1 Mar 09

Religious Defamation

1 Mar 09

I Shall Die by Inches: Contemporary Approaches to Death and Dying

1 Mar 09

Designing Spaces for Thought

28 Feb 09

Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire

28 Feb 09

The Financial Crisis, Climate Change and Energy

28 Feb 09

Poetry and Choices

28 Feb 09

The Founders' Tradition: literature as social commentary

27 Feb 09

ReaLITy: creative responses to social realities

27 Feb 09

Asia and Russia in the Age of Globalisation: the impact for Europe's future

24 Feb 09

The Islamic Republic of Iran After 30 years

23 Feb 09

Lessons from the credit crisis

19 Feb 09

Reforming Pensions in Europe: four policies in search of a politician

11 Feb 09

Keeping Score: new approaches to the standard of living

10 Feb 09

Celebrities and Aid: new humanitarians or just another fad?

5 Feb 09

Russia After Georgia

3 Feb 09

Bad Science

28 Jan 09

The Shifting Distribution of World Economic Activity: China and global imbalance

27 Jan 09

A Tea-Time Tutorial

15 Jan 09

In Conversation with Cherie Blair

3 Dec 08

21st Century Challenges: the management of climate change and the movement to a new low carbon econo

1 Dec 08

The Genetics of Common Human Diseases: Recent discoveries and their implications

24 Nov 08

What Next? Surviving the Twenty-first Century

19 Nov 08

Revisiting Marx: is Marxism still relevant?

18 Nov 08

Our Urban Future: the death of distance and the rise of cities

13 Nov 08

Human Rights in United Nations Action: Norms, Institutions, and Leadership

12 Nov 08

The Prospect of Democratisation in Afghanistan

12 Nov 08

Navigating Global Economic and Financial Change

11 Nov 08

The Ascent of Money

6 Nov 08

BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions at LSE

6 Nov 08

The Third Reich at War

4 Nov 08

European Integration of Bosnia-Herzegovina: the challenges ahead

3 Nov 08

Central Banking and the Credit Crunch

30 Oct 08

Britain since 1918: the strange career of British democracy

29 Oct 08

America’s Edge: A Global Country in a Global Century

28 Oct 08

The Cheney White House: Lessons for the Next U.S. President

26 Oct 08

Internet Beyond Myths: the record of scholarly research

24 Oct 08

The Last Mughal

23 Oct 08

Women's Status, Men's States

22 Oct 08

Disparity and Diversity in the Contemporary City: social order revisited

21 Oct 08

Gut Feelings: short cuts to better decision making

20 Oct 08

Inhuman and Degrading Treatment: the words themselves

16 Oct 08

China and Financial Reform

15 Oct 08

Decisions, Probability and Beliefs: beware Mickey Mouse probability

13 Oct 08

Managing International Financial Instability

7 Oct 08

A Global Deal for Climate Change

6 Oct 08


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