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Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL

Rockefeller Building
University Street
020 3108 2052
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Previous Lectures and Events

Animal Super Senses: Nature Inspired Engineering

3 Sep 14

Show’N’Tell: Okavango

25 Jul 14

Show’N’Tell: Amphibians

11 Jul 14

Show’N’Tell: Mangroves

27 Jun 14

Re-greening the Arctic

19 Jun 14

Show’N’Tell: Ancient DNA

13 Jun 14

The Big Question

6 Mar 13

Grant Museum (not in a) Pub Quiz

27 Feb 13

Love in the Natural World

14 Feb 13

Fantastic Voyage (1966) on the Big Screen

23 Jan 13

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931) on the Big Screen

4 Dec 12

It Came from the Stores

17 Jul 12

Call My Bluffalo

1 May 12

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) on the Big Screen

20 Mar 12

Mice people: Cultures of science

7 Mar 12

Science Fiction; Science Future: A conversation about what’s around the corner

1 Mar 12

Animal Magnetism – Valentine’s Day at the Grant Museum

14 Feb 12

Get a Grip: A Hands-On History of Hands

2 Feb 12

Under the Caribbean (1954) on the Big Screen

18 Jan 12

The Blob (1958) on the Big Screen

6 Dec 11

15th Annual Robert Grant Lecture: Zoology and mythology: looking at angels, fairies and dragons with

16 Nov 11

War of the Worlds (1953) on the Big Screen

3 Oct 11

The Lost World (1960) on the Big Screen

30 Jun 11

Astrobiology - The Hunt for Alien Life

14 Jun 11

The Journey to Find and Save the World's Rarest Primates

24 May 11

Life in the Universe: Chance or Necessity?

10 May 11

Inherit the Wind (1960) on the Big Screen

22 Mar 11

Changing Climates: The Earth Bites Back with Prof Bill McGuire

1 Mar 11

Changing Science: Would Darwin get a job in science today?

1 Feb 11

The Fly (1958) on the Big Screen

18 Jan 11

Cane Toads: An Unnatural History (1988)

2 Dec 10

14th Annual Robert Grant Lecture, Soft but not floppy; the art of science and the science of art

17 Nov 10

Inside Nature with Dr. Henry Gee

26 Oct 10

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) on the Big Screen

12 Oct 10

Them! (1954) on the Big Screen

17 Jun 10

Last Chance to See

1 Jun 10

This Island Earth (1955) on the Big Screen

13 May 10

Happy Endings: Dinosaurs, Pandas and Penguins

27 Mar 10

Sanders of the River (1935) on the Big Screen

16 Mar 10

Humans riding on the backs of Dinosaurs: A walk through the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky,

4 Mar 10

A Different View of Darwin: Why it Pays to be Nice

16 Feb 10

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916) on the Big Screen

9 Feb 10

The Incredible Human Journey

17 Dec 09

Adventures of a Fossil Collector

8 Dec 09

The Wolf Man (1941) on the Big Screen

26 Nov 09

13th Annual Robert Grant Lecture, Darwin’s Progress and the Problem of Slavery

11 Nov 09

The Future of Species: Conservation Controversies

27 Oct 09


15 Oct 09

A Lunchtime Tour of a Nineteenth-Century Museum

30 Sep 09

Frankenstein (1931) on the Big Screen

15 Sep 09

Alien Invaders

5 Mar 09

Monster Hunting: How to Organise a Cryptozoological Expedition

19 Feb 09

Planet of the Apes (1968) on the Big Screen

20 Jan 09

Ice Age Park: The Truth About Cloning Mammoths

11 Dec 08

Dinosaurs are pointless: Working with dinosaurs

25 Nov 08

Mary Anning: “The greatest fossilist the world ever knew”

12 Nov 08

King Kong (1933) on the Big Screen

21 Oct 08

How Feathers Saved the Dinosaurs: From lords of the earth to lords of the sky

9 Oct 08

So long, and thanks for all the fishing: The sorry story of the Yangtze River dolphin

11 Jun 08

A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptozoology

20 May 08

Animal Farm on the Big Screen

13 Mar 08

Tarzan, The Ape Man on the Big Screen

31 Jan 08

Human / Nature: The Human Story

17 Jan 08

Rediscovering Darwin: The real story of Darwin's finches

14 Nov 07

“You must be joking!” Pranks, Jokes and other Silliness in Science

5 Jul 07

“Then at once I seemed to see the whole effect of this…”: Imagining the Power of Natural Selection

15 Nov 06


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