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Previous Lectures and Events

Leonardo da Vinci study day

20 Jun 12

Leonardo da Vinci study day

15 Dec 11

Degas and the Ballet - Study Day

26 Oct 11

Incoming! - learning to love the dreaded thunderstone

10 Feb 15

LIGHT INTO DARK: Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

13 Jan 15

Exploring the Universe Using Exploding Stars, Dr Stacey Habergham

9 Dec 14

Songs of the Stars: the real Music of the Spheres

8 Jun 10

Landing on Titan

11 May 10

The Second Space Age

13 Apr 10

The Eerie Silence

17 Mar 10

An Impact Cratering Tour of the Solar System

9 Mar 10

The Search for Alien Life

8 Dec 09

The life cycle of the stars: are we star dust or nuclear waste?

10 Nov 09

Proving Einstein Right

8 Sep 09

The Science and Beauty of Nebulae

9 Jun 09

Afar, Ethiopia: a new ocean in the making?

12 May 09

Imaging the Universe

14 Apr 09

Astronomy and poetry

10 Mar 09

Astronomy and poetry

10 Mar 09

Sir William Herschel: the first big-telescope astronomer

10 Feb 09

In Search of the Northern Lights

9 Feb 09

The new science of astrobiology and the search for life in the Universe

13 Jan 09

Glorious rival to Greenwich

12 Jan 09

Universe or Multiverse?

9 Dec 08

The Big Bang machine: the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

11 Nov 08

in the sky: the origin and history of the constellations

14 Oct 08

The Tunguska Event

9 Sep 08

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble: a brief history of the most famous telescope in history

10 Jun 08

The fascination of the heavens: women in astronomy in Britain in an age before equality

13 May 08

What the stars have done for us: from astrology to astrophysics

8 Apr 08

Stonehenge and beyond: the sky and ancient cultures

11 Mar 08

Astronomy by Microscope

8 Jan 08

Cosmology meets the challenge - uncovering the nature of the dark matter and dark energy of the Univ

12 Feb 07


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