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Previous Lectures and Events

"God is beautiful and He loves beauty": The Metaphysics of Aesthetics in the Islamic Tradi

27 Nov 13

Bushido: yet another invented tradition

13 Oct 11

Colin Mackenzie’s Adventures in India (1784-1821)

11 Nov 10

Breaking the Ice: the Modern Chinese Postal Service in the Winter Season in the Late Qing Period

14 Oct 10

Ghulam Ali Khan and the Delhi School of Painters, 1770-1857

13 Oct 10

Treasures of Korean Culture

16 Jun 10

Clothing the Imperial Image; Ottoman Velvets and Imitations

21 Apr 10

The Chinese Emperor's New Copper Plates: Art and Politics in the Late 18th Century

15 Apr 10

Messianic Persia and the Fourth Beast: from Warfare to End Times in Late Antiquity

11 Mar 10

The Bibliotheca Malabarica: an Eighteenth-Century Tamil Library

10 Dec 09

End of Empires: the Turkish Conquest of the Middle East 11th century AD

8 Oct 09

Commemorating the Dead in Ottoman Society

20 May 09

C.H. Philips and the East India Company

16 Apr 09

Power and Magic in the City Planning of Edo (Tokyo) 1590 - 1657

12 Mar 09

Buddhist Sculpture in Early Medieval China

12 Feb 09

The Dunhuang Star Chart: An early view of the Chinese Sky

10 Feb 09

Changing Perceptions of the Turks in Syriac Literature

21 Jan 09

Yama's/Yima's Choice and the Primordial Incest. New Considerations about an Indo-Iranian Mytheme

8 Jan 09

The Ottoman Culture of Death: A Vision of Modernity and Change

11 Dec 08

Angry Monk

10 Dec 08

The Mosque of Sultan Hasan: Architecture and the Arts of the Book

6 Nov 08

Dombra Performance: Music and Memory among the Mongolian Kazakhs

15 Oct 08

On Distinctions: Citizens, Refugees and Post-Colonial State in India's Partition

9 Oct 08

Inventing Iraq, Inventing Iran: Britons and the Americans in the Middle East

29 Sep 08

Journey to Manipur

17 Sep 08


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