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Previous Lectures and Events

Reforming Attitudes to Islam with Mona Siddiqui and Joshua Ralston (chaired by Sam Wells)

6 Nov 17

Reforming Attitudes to Race with David Olusoga and Liz Adekunle

16 Oct 17

Reforming Church with Lucy Winkett and Sam Wells

2 Oct 17

The Reformation with Alister McGrath

25 Sep 17

Reforming Marriage with Nicholas Holtam, David Monteith and Sally Hitchiner

9 Sep 17

My neighbour the refugee with Sarah Teather

17 Nov 16

My neighbour, God’s gift with Sam Wells

14 Nov 16

My neighbour, my nation and the presidential election with Stanley Hauerwas

31 Oct 16

My neighbour beyond fear and discrimination with Sarah Coakley

24 Oct 16

My neighbour and the ecological crisis with Michael Northcott

3 Oct 16

Who is my neighbour? The Ethics of Global Relationships with Rowan Williams

19 Sep 16

The Curse and the Promise: Religion and Violence with Karen Armstrong

16 Nov 15

The Curse and the Promise: Religion and Violence with Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad

2 Nov 15

The Curse and the Promise: Religion and Violence with Revd Giles Fraser

19 Oct 15

The Curse and the Promise: Religion and Violence with Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain

5 Oct 15

The Curse and the Promise: Religion and Violence with Revd Dr Sam Wells

21 Sep 15

Are We Still Any Use? Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Church Today

20 Apr 15

Towards a Politics for the Common Good

13 Apr 15

Richard Harries, "The Christian concept of peace"

24 Nov 14

Mike Wooldridge and Foreign Correspondents, "What have we learnt from war? A view from the front lin

10 Nov 14

Andrew White, "Living without enemies in Baghdad"

3 Nov 14

Shirley Williams, "What has our nation learnt from war?"

20 Oct 14

Duncan Morrow, "Living without enemies in Northern Ireland"

6 Oct 14

Sam Wells, "Can there ever be a ‘just war’?"

22 Sep 14

Beyond Homelessness and Poverty: Debating Civil Society

13 May 14

The Art of Peacemaking

7 May 14

Faith on the Frontiers: On the Frontiers of Atheism

18 Nov 13

Faith on the Frontiers: On the Frontiers of Modern China

11 Nov 13

Faith on the Frontiers: Violence, Nonviolence and the Earth

4 Nov 13

Faith on the Frontiers: Stanley Hauerwas in conversation with Sam Wells

21 Oct 13

On the Frontiers of a Male Church

7 Oct 13

On the Frontiers of a World City: a Panel Discussion

23 Sep 13

Rio+20 Earth Summit: What should we do now?

21 May 12

Terry Eagleton: Compassion and Power

16 Nov 11

Nicola Slee: Compassion and Empowerment

31 Oct 11

Neil MacGregor: Compassion and Art

17 Oct 11

Revd Clare Herbert: Compassion and Protest

3 Oct 11

Nicholas Sagovsky: Compassion and Justice

19 Sep 11

Robert Beckford: Compassion and Freedom

20 Feb 11

Being Biblical, Really, Truly, Biblical

22 Nov 10

Being Biblical, Being Broken and Blessed

8 Nov 10

Being Biblical, Being a Woman

25 Oct 10

Being Biblical, Being Gay

11 Oct 10

Being Biblical? Slavery, Sexuality and the Inclusive Community

27 Sep 10


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