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Hunterian Museum, London

The Royal College of Surgeons of England
35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields
020 7869 6560
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Previous Lectures and Events

Lunchtime Lecture: Surgeons at Sea: The Naval surgeon and health of the seaman in the age of Nelson

22 Oct 13

Lunchtime Lecture: Spotting Mermaids - from William Clift to Sir Henry Wellcome and Beyond

24 Sep 13

Lunchtime Lecture: "In paynted pots is hidden the deadliest poyson": English delftware drug jars at

6 Aug 13

Lunchtime Lecture: The Hoax and the Hunterian; Piltdown Man and Sir Arthur Keith

23 Jul 13

From Barbers to Surgeons

12 Feb 13

A question and answer of sport

19 Sep 12

Lister as a Pathologist

24 Apr 12

Carbolic, Casebook and Controversy

6 Mar 12

Lord Lister: The early years

21 Feb 12

Abnormal Conversation

18 Oct 11

Disability, medicine and museums

18 Oct 11

An Unsung Hero? Joseph Naples, Resurrectionist

19 Oct 10

Surgical Futures: London's researchers changing surgical practice

5 Oct 10

‘Would you ever have thought such a thing possible?’ Alexander Fleming and the FRS

12 May 10

Microscopes: a key role in transplant surgery

11 May 10

Joseph Lister, surgeon and microscopist

28 Apr 10

Blood under the microscope: William Hewson, an 18th-century anatomist

20 Apr 10

Keeping it in the Family: the Dollonds and microscopy

25 Mar 10

Robert Hooke, Micrographia, and experimental physiology in the early Royal Society

10 Mar 10

All the Kings men: Henry VIII and the Barber Surgeons

8 Aug 09

The surgeon, the countess, her husband and his lover

19 Mar 09

Medicine with a mission: Suffragettes as Army Surgeons

5 Mar 09

Sir Bernard Spilsbury - hero or villain?

25 Nov 08

Disease and everyday life in Ancient Egypt: the contribution of modern science

12 Nov 08

Black Georgians

22 Oct 08

Simulation and the future of surgical training

28 Nov 07

The Medical Detective: John Snow, cholera and the mystery of the Broad Street pump

22 Nov 07

The psychological effects of vitiligo

22 Nov 07

London's Loss? Willian Hunter's bequest and his posthumous reputation

14 Nov 07

London's Loss? William Hunter's bequest and his posthumous reputation

14 Nov 07

My Highest Pleasures:Hunter and the Arts

24 Oct 07

Walking London's Medical History

16 Oct 07

Vitiligo: a whiter shade of pale - diagnosis, causes and treatments

3 Oct 07

A Visible Difference: skin, race and identity 1720-1820

23 Aug 07

The Napoleonic Surgeon

29 May 07

The Napoleonic Surgeon

29 May 07

Inside Out: meet the artist Angela Palmer

1 May 07

Inside Out: meet the artist Angela Palmer

23 Mar 07

Inside Out: meet the artist Angela Palmer

14 Mar 07

Cybersurgery: robots in the operating theatre

14 Dec 06

Seeing is believing: how our brains invent a stable world

20 Sep 06

Life in a Field Hospital: the Territorial Army surgeon's experience

8 Dec 05

The Surgeon and the Warrior: how Archibald McIndoe transformed the Royal Air Force and the Air Minis

30 Nov 05

Sir Harold Gillies, Faces of the Great War and Project Facade:historical and artistic perspectives

9 Nov 05

Medicine and Surgery in the Crimea

26 Oct 05

Surgery in Nelson's Navy: the death of an Admiral

6 Oct 05

Breasts Laid Bare

28 Sep 05

The beautiful bones: coveting anatomy in Georgian London

26 May 05

'In armour complete': practising safe sex in 18th century London

17 May 05

Saving Faces: the patient, surgeon and artists' perspective

9 May 05


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