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Previous Lectures and Events

Can technology set you free?

22 Nov 12

Whatever happened to equality?

10 Nov 12

Satire today: still kicking against the pricks?

29 Oct 12

How to feed a growing world

29 Oct 12

Bookshop Barnie: Martin Jacques

26 Oct 12

The Battle of Ideas 2012

20 Oct 12

No more heroes? Art, genius and tradition

16 Oct 12

Defence of subjects

11 Oct 12

Fifty Shades of Grey: mummy porn or feminist crisis?

10 Oct 12

Goodbye to the freedom of the press

9 Oct 12

Riots and revolutions: Europe's young radicals?

8 Oct 12

Insufficiency and the drama of science: play & discussion

6 Oct 12

What does tolerance mean today?

2 Oct 12

Putting exams to the test

1 Oct 12

IOI XMAS LECTURE: It’s Christmas in Euroland

15 Dec 11

Is technology making us smarter or dumber?

1 Nov 11

Battle of Ideas festival 2011

29 Oct 11

Artificial intelligence, bionic men and human consciousness

25 Oct 11

Your Days Are Numbered: the maths of death

25 Oct 11

Fukushima fallout

24 Oct 11

The New International? Literature in an age of ‘globish’

20 Oct 11

After the riots: what makes a city?

19 Oct 11

Taming the tabloid beast: reining in the press after Hackgate?

18 Oct 11

Warning - women at work

12 Oct 11

The End Is Nigh: is survival all we can hope for?

11 Oct 11

Dangerous books for boys? The literacy debate

11 Oct 11

Should England’s schools become 'engines of social mobility'?

6 Oct 11

The Olympics, doping and the meaning of sport

5 Oct 11

Not in front of the children: are our kids oversexualised?

4 Oct 11

Idea factories? Manufacturing and making in the 21st century

30 Sep 11

Grayling’s New College: the vanguard of academic freedom, or an assault on education?

22 Jun 11

A wicked leak of state secrets? Transparency, power and the diplomatic cables

27 Jan 11

Criminal cuts? The legal aid debate

17 Nov 10

Documentary Foundations – the new quangocracy? The battle for editorial independence

6 Nov 10

Bookshop Barnie with Natalie Haynes

2 Nov 10

The future of transport: the highway to hell?

25 Oct 10

Nature of Genius: standing on the shoulders of giants or genes?

21 Oct 10

We’re all depressed now? Redefining mental illness in a therapeutic era

21 Oct 10

Bookshop Barnie with Lord Bingham

20 Oct 10

Is this the jilted generation?

19 Oct 10

Public Health - should evidence always dictate policy?

18 Oct 10

X-factor: Singing in the name of quality?

14 Oct 10

A new era of liberty?

12 Oct 10

The Myth of Racist Kids

11 Oct 10

Papal plots, burqa bans: what does it mean to be secular today?

7 Oct 10

Free schools: do parents or teachers know best?

4 Oct 10

A Greek tragedy? Bailouts, unrest and the future of the eurozone

18 May 10

The Battle for Politics: Institute of Ideas pre-election public summit

20 Mar 10

Question Time on Ideologies and Beliefs

3 Mar 10

Looking Forward to 2010: Privacy, Human Rights and the Law

15 Dec 09

Hard Nutt to crack: do we want an evidence-based drugs policy?

12 Nov 09

Post-recession ideologies: what ideas will shape the world after the crunch?

4 Nov 09

We don't do McDonald's: America and World Culture

27 Oct 09

Science on Screen – not testing enough?

26 Oct 09

Space: from infinite dreams to recurring nightmares

23 Oct 09

Drawing the line: political cartooning in an age of offence

22 Oct 09

Museums for world peace? The pros and cons of cultural diplomacy

21 Oct 09

Sustainability in Architecture Late-Nite Review

15 Oct 09

Do children need protecting from adult carers?

14 Oct 09

Divining art? Culture and the sacred in the 21st century

13 Oct 09

Age of Autism: rethinking 'normal'

12 Oct 09

Don and dusted: is the age of the scholar over?

7 Oct 09

Going back to our roots? History and Identity

6 Oct 09

The Future of Collaboration: Sharing and Work in the Networked Age

25 Sep 09

The Battle for the Economy

16 May 09

Are we over-protecting children?

24 Mar 09

Return of the IRA?

15 Mar 09


8 Mar 09

From Fatwa and Book-Burning to Jihad and Hate Laws: Twenty Years of Free-Speech Wars

12 Feb 09

The fight over flight: what's the problem with travel?

8 Feb 09

The Political Significance of the Economic Crisis

16 Dec 08

Battle of Ideas Festival 2008

1 Nov 08

Contemporary attitudes to ageing and dying

28 Oct 08

Contemporary attitudes to ageing and dying

28 Oct 08

Innovation in Architecture Late-Nite Review

23 Oct 08

Soapbox debate: "Artists should elect their own parliament"

22 Oct 08

Who needs ballet when we've got street dance?

21 Oct 08

Is the avant garde passé?

14 Oct 08

What is the point of British foreign policy?

9 Oct 08

Poetry and radicalism: Mouthing off or making a difference?

7 Oct 08

Who Gives a Folk?

29 Jul 08

Battle for China

12 Jul 08

After McDonaldization

13 Jun 08

Battle of Ideas Festival 2007

27 Oct 07

The battle over ethics and regulation

26 Oct 07

Battle of Ideas: What good is e-learning?

5 Oct 07

Design in Denial?

1 Oct 07

Slaves to the Past

21 May 07

Making Connections: The Present - The Global Museum

22 May 06

Battle of Ideas (Day One of Two)

29 Oct 05

Institute of Ideas and Pfizer Debating Matters Competition 2004/05 National Final

2 Jul 05

Should We Junk Collections?

16 May 05

Where Is The Real Opposition?

14 Apr 05

Health: an unhealthy obsession?

12 Feb 05

Children and their brains

3 Feb 05

What are museums for?

17 Sep 04

Open mind: Ideas, intellectuals and the public

29 Aug 04

Debating matters: The Battle of the Schools

24 Aug 04

Round Table Rumbles

22 Aug 04

Crisis? What Crisis? Re-examining what education is for

3 Jul 04


12 Jun 04

Human Remains: objects to study or ancestors to bury?

18 May 04


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