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Previous Lectures and Events

Poverty, Inequality and the Political Economy of Measurement

9 Dec 14

The Tyranny of Experts

8 Dec 14

IPSO and the Future of UK Press Regulation

4 Dec 14

Open Government in the Age of Total War

2 Dec 14

Pressed for Time: the acceleration of life in digital capitalism

27 Nov 14

The Global Public Sphere

26 Nov 14

In Conversation with the Lord Chief Justice

25 Nov 14

Poverty and the Pope

19 Nov 14

What Europe?

17 Nov 14

The Limits of Transformation from Above: Turkey since 1914

11 Nov 14

What is the Welfare State? A Sociological Restatement

10 Nov 14

EVENT CANCELLED: European challenges and the French economic strategy

7 Nov 14

On Fantasy Island: British politics, English judges and the European Convention on Human Rights

6 Nov 14

Nominal Democracy? Prospects for Democratic Global Governance

28 Oct 14

The Social Life of Money

23 Oct 14

The Real Story Behind the Invisible Hand

23 Oct 14

Happiness by Design

22 Oct 14

The Radical Transparency of the American Republic

21 Oct 14

Women in Public Life: above the parapet

15 Oct 14

'The Politics of Climate Change 2014: what cause for hope?

14 Oct 14

The Establishment and How They Get Away With It

13 Oct 14

Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy in the Twenty First Century

9 Oct 14

The History Manifesto

8 Oct 14

Inequality and the 1%: what goes wrong when the rich become too rich

7 Oct 14

Giving Guidance On Future Monetary Policy In A Very Uncertain World

30 Sep 14

How to Build the Future

26 Sep 14

The Mood Gym: Boost Your feel Good Factor

25 Jul 14

Mandela, the Lawyer

12 Jun 14

The 17 Contradictions of Capitalism

2 Apr 14

Bourgeois Dignity: why economics can't explain the modern world

24 Mar 14

Economic Growth and Convergence

20 Mar 14

EVENT CANCELLED: European Parliament Elections and Elections to the EU Top Posts: will citizens deci

19 Mar 14

Word Power: written constitutions and the definition of British borders since 1787

13 Mar 14

The Origins of the Final Solution: Eastern Europe and the Holocaust

11 Mar 14

How Climate Change Might Save the World

27 Feb 14

EVENT CANCELLED: England: a nation defined by dissent

20 Feb 14

Pride and Propaganda: LGBT rights in Russia today

29 Jan 14

The Next Crisis

28 Jan 14

The Ethics of 'Nudge'

27 Jan 14

Poverty and the Tolerance of the Intolerable

22 Jan 14

The Origins of Mass Killing: the bloodlands hypothesis

21 Jan 14

In Conversation with Joshua Rozenberg

16 Jan 14

Is Europe Working?

12 Dec 13

From Moral Panics to States of Denial: a celebration of the life and work of Stan Cohen

10 Dec 13

Approaches to Eradicate Poverty Over Next Generation

28 Nov 13

The Body Economic: why austerity kills

27 Nov 13

EVENT CANCELLED Why Growth Matters

26 Nov 13

Power Shift? The Rise of the Rest and the Decline of the West: facts, myths and economists

19 Nov 13

The Chicago Plan Revisited

12 Nov 13

Gandhi Before India

11 Nov 13

Human Suffering and Humanitarian Emergencies

6 Nov 13


6 Nov 13

Eyes Wide Open: how to make smart decisions in a confusing world

9 Oct 13

Tracking the gender politics of the Millennium Development Goals: From the Millennium Declaration to

2 Oct 13

An Uncertain Glory: the economic and social condition of modern India

26 Jun 13

Against the Consensus: Reflections on the Great Recession

24 Jun 13

France's Place in Europe - One Year into the Socialist Presidency

5 Jun 13

The Gulf and the Global Economy: the state of the world

25 Oct 12

In Conversation with Keir Starmer QC

24 Oct 12

The Global Drug Wars

23 Oct 12

Asia's Challenges: ensuring equitable, inclusive growth

22 Oct 12

When China Rules the World Revisited

18 Oct 12

True Believers: collaboration and opposition under totalitarian regimes

17 Oct 12

Going South: Why Britain will have a Third World Economy by 2014

16 Oct 12

Adapt: Problem solving in a complex world

15 Oct 12

Distilling the Frenzy

11 Oct 12

23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism and what they mean for our economic prospects

10 Oct 12

Manifesto for a post-national and federal Europe

8 Oct 12

The Decline of the US Middle Classes and the Transformation of the Republican Party

1 Oct 12

The Decline of the US Middle Classes and the Transformation of the Republican Party

1 Oct 12

Kandak: Fighting with Afghans

12 Sep 12

From the Ruins of Empire: The Revolt Against the West and the Remaking of Asia

30 Jul 12

Britain should stay in the European Union

24 Jul 12

The Price of Inequality

29 Jun 12

A Lecture by Joseph E Stiglitz

28 Jun 12

Winner Take All: The Race for the World's Resources

25 Jun 12

A Capitalism for the People

21 Jun 12

The Big Society Debate: a new agenda for social welfare?

19 Jun 12

The new growth strategy: How responsible companies are profitable companies

13 Jun 12

The Past and Future of Social Democracy and the Consequences for Europe

12 Jun 12

Land and the Political Economy of Development in India since Liberalisation

11 Jun 12

CANCELLED: From Colony to BRIC: the challenges facing Brazil to preserve the competition of its mark

7 Jun 12

On Immortality

30 May 12

Kiss of the Dragon? China's Geoeconomic Strategy in a Changing Global Order

29 May 12

The Emerging Left in the "Emerging" World

28 May 12

Envisioning Real Utopias: alternatives within and beyond capitalism

22 May 12

"The Muck of the Past": revolution, social transformation and the Maoists in India

17 May 12

Mobile for Development – Global Justice

16 May 12

Mobile for Development Meets Human-Centred Design

15 May 12

The Future of the Left: the case of the United States

14 May 12

Rebel Cities: The Urbanization of Class Struggle

10 May 12

Dial M for Murdoch

9 May 12

Finance and the Good Society

3 May 12

Toward Economic Feudalism? Inequality, Financialisation, and Democracy

2 May 12

After the Arab Spring: power shift in the Middle East?

1 May 12

Breakout Nations: In Search of the Next Economic Miracle

30 Apr 12

The Civil Service

26 Apr 12

France at the Crossroads

25 Apr 12

Banks versus the economy

3 Apr 12

What Would an Evidence-Based Copyright Law Look Like?

2 Apr 12

Language, Culture, and Being Human

22 Mar 12

Citizens Privileges or Human Rights? The Great Bill of Rights Swindle

20 Mar 12

Indian Democracy's Ferocious Faultlines

12 Mar 12

Can there be a Political Science of the Holocaust?

7 Mar 12

Sport and the Nation: interpreting Indian history through the lens of cricket

6 Mar 12

Science and Society

1 Mar 12

Climate Change and the New Industrial Revolution

23 Feb 12

Climate Change and the New Industrial Revolution

22 Feb 12

Climate Change and the New Industrial Revolution

21 Feb 12

Maonomics: Why Chinese Communists Make Better Capitalists Than We Do

15 Feb 12

OECD Labour Markets in the Great Recession

9 Feb 12

Together: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Co-operation

6 Feb 12

The Obamas: A Mission, A Marriage

24 Jan 12

The State of the World Economy in 2012

23 Jan 12

Israel: the strategy of the iron wall revisited

17 Jan 12

Total Policing: the future of policing in London

16 Jan 12

The Future of Economic Convergence

29 Oct 11

Pakistan and the challenges of a new decade

26 Oct 11

A More Secure World - From Neighbourhood to Globe

11 Oct 11

The Caribbean in a Changing Global Environment

5 Jul 11

Turkey in the World

15 Jun 11

Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less From Each Other

2 Jun 11

Human Security and EU Foreign Policy: Concepts, Impact, Implications

3 Mar 11

The Career-Family Conundrum

27 May 10

Creating Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism That Serves Humanity's Most Pressing Needs

25 May 10

Radicalisation and Counterradicalisation

16 Mar 10

Not By Reason Alone

26 Jan 10

Getting fiscal consolidation right: Lessons from Sweden

14 Jan 10

Managing Risk and Behaviour in Financial Markets

25 Nov 09

Oil, War and Geopolitics: the struggle over what remains

9 Jan 08

Social Science and the Middle East: myths, pitfalls and opportunities

7 Jan 08


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