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54 Lincoln's Inn Fields

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Previous Lectures and Events

Engines of Privilege: Britain's private school problem

11 Feb 19

Hilary Benn In Conversation about Britain and Europe

17 Mar 16

Margaret Thatcher - Everything She Wants

11 Nov 15

'Everyone is entitled…' The global struggle for women's human rights

11 Dec 14

Democracy, decency and devolution

8 Dec 14

The Languages of Migration

26 Nov 14

The Scale-up Manifesto: why scale-ups will drive the global policy agenda for the next generation

18 Nov 14

How Finance is Tackling Sustainability: a roadmap to the future

17 Nov 14

Good Times, Bad Times: the welfare myth of them and us

12 Nov 14

Changing Lives: the welfare myth of them and us

12 Nov 14

The Need to Censor Our Dreams

11 Nov 14

The Fourth Revolution: the global race to reinvent the state

10 Nov 14

A Post-Genomic Surprise: the molecular reinscription of race in science, law and medicine

6 Nov 14

Names: the long shadow of war and remembrance, 1914-2014

29 Oct 14

Global News Media: the next horizon

23 Oct 14

A Changing World and China

22 Oct 14

Do We Need to Shake Up the Social Sciences?

21 Oct 14

In Search of Human Uniqueness

20 Oct 14

Rationality and Irrationality in Government

16 Oct 14

The Summit: the biggest battle of the Second World War – fought behind closed doors

15 Oct 14

Transatlantic Free Trade: the final push? British, French and US perspectives on a TTIP agreement

13 Oct 14

Improving Basic Services for the Bottom Forty Percent: lessons from Ethiopia

8 Oct 14

The Paradox of China's Peaceful Rise

7 Oct 14

Human Rights Diplomacy: inside the United Nations

2 Oct 14

Gender, Inequality and Power

1 Oct 14

Growth, Policy and Institutions: lessons from the Indian experience

25 Sep 14

Ten Facts about Energy and Growth

24 Sep 14

Financing Africa's Future: infrastructure, investment and opportunity

23 Sep 14

Philosophy Challenge

26 Jun 14

The Evolution of Culture in Monkeys, Apes and Humans

12 Jun 14

The State of Freedom in Britain

3 May 14

Cosmopolitanism: some lessons from modern Indian history

3 Apr 14


31 Mar 14

Tackling Global Injustice in a World of Climate Change: punishing the innocent?

13 Mar 14

Rethinking Secularism: respect, domination and the state

10 Mar 14

A Question of Law

5 Mar 14

Gujarat: human rights violations, impunity and the Indian general elections

19 Feb 14

An American Century or an Asian Century?

18 Feb 14

Ethics and the Media: after the Leveson inquiry

13 Feb 14

What Have You Got to Hide?

5 Feb 14

Feminism Then and Now

21 Jan 14

The Ethics of the Cognitive Sciences: what can the brain tell us about the mind?

20 Jan 14

Feminism in the Media

10 Dec 13

Is ASEAN Still Relevant?

4 Dec 13

A Fractured Future: climate change in an age of fossil fuel abundance

27 Nov 13

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon: writing Pakistan

25 Nov 13

The Old New Politics of Class

20 Nov 13

The Progressive Agenda Now

14 Nov 13

Europe: the struggle for supremacy, 1453 to the present

12 Nov 13

Competition in the online world: European and global perspectives

11 Nov 13

The "Human Sciences'' on Trial in Iran

7 Nov 13

Only White Men: serial killing in European cinema

4 Nov 13

Is Rape Different?

30 Oct 13

Thinking and Feeling About Risk: can they be separated?

24 Oct 13

Richard Titmuss: forty years on

23 Oct 13

Values beyond value? Is anything beyond the logic of capital?

17 Oct 13

The New Middle East: the world after the Arab Spring

16 Oct 13

The Cunning of Uncertainty

15 Oct 13

The EU in the Eye of the Storm

14 Oct 13

Global Migration and Urban Renewal

10 Oct 13

Crowdsourcing a New UK Constitution

8 Oct 13

Predatory Thinking

2 Oct 13

Turnaround: Third World Lessons for First World Growth

5 Sep 13

Superdiversity and the Unequal City

19 Jun 13

Green Philosophy

5 Jun 13

From Response to Resilience: the role of the engineer in disaster risk reduction

4 Jun 13

The Theft of the Creative Content: Copyright in Crisis

9 May 13

The Bankers' New Clothes: What's Wrong with Banking and What to Do about It

8 May 13

Obama, the Tea Party, and the future of American Politics

2 May 13

#FCBBCA Israel and Iran: Countdown to War?

12 Dec 12


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