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Previous Lectures and Events

Higgs cosmology and dark matter

12 Mar 20

Asteroid impact: life after death

5 Dec 17

Hormone harmony: hunger and sex

23 Nov 17

Why we remember some things and forget others

7 Nov 17

Cyber security: today's reality and tomorrow's possibilities

10 Oct 17

Quantum gravity

21 Mar 17

The gene revolution

2 Mar 17

Avoiding catastrophic climate change

18 Jan 17

Large Hadron Collider update

8 Dec 16

Synthetic biology: addressing global challengesgence

22 Nov 16

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

1 Nov 16

Our bizarre future of Bitcoins, Blockchains and Smart Contracts

11 Oct 16

An audience with Sir Mark Walport

17 May 16

The SABRE engine - powering future space access

17 Mar 16

Mountains, magmas and mushes

25 Feb 16

Quantum Mechanics in a nutshell

3 Feb 16

Adventures in the Anthropocene

19 Jan 16

A perfect theory: a biography of General Relativity

3 Dec 15

Improbable things always happen

17 Nov 15

Trauma: healing the brain

2 Nov 15

Water: weirdest chemical in the universe

12 Oct 15

Creating artificial cells with use defined functions

3 Apr 14

Graphene: super material

3 Apr 14

Graphene: super material

3 Apr 14

The battle against influenza

20 Feb 14

The Quantum Showcase: For the love of science

5 Feb 14

Dark matter: dark energy: dark gravity

28 Jan 14

Unveiling the Secrets of the Universe

4 Jun 13

‘Breaking into your Brain’, talk by Dr Aldo Faisal

14 Mar 13

Electronic Tsunami: Changing Human Behaviour

29 Nov 12

Changing lives globally: technological innovation for health

12 Jun 12

Plastic Electronics: the coming revolution

15 May 12

Where does life come from?

15 Mar 12

The Human Genome - 21st century medicine

2 Feb 12

Celebrating Chemistry - past, present and future

8 Nov 11

The extended mind - recent experimental evidence

18 Oct 11

Quantum mechanics and reality - does God play dice?

9 Jun 11

Swarm robots - the future of drug delivery?

12 May 11

Chaotic cards and dynamic dice

17 Mar 11

Can Humanity survive in the age of information?

8 Feb 11

Quantum Mechanics: Real Magic

25 Jan 11

How the Sun influences climate

16 Nov 10

The End of Ageing

19 Oct 10

The genii in our cells: how cells change and remember what they are

25 Mar 10

Life in the solar system: Saturn's moons reveal their secrets

24 Feb 10

Theatre of the quantum absurd

13 Jan 10

Seeing is Believing: the house of deceits of the sight

17 Nov 09

Engineering and Emotion

20 Oct 09

The Self Healing Heart: regenerating a sound heart after attack

24 Sep 09

Can Science make us happy?

13 May 09

The First Song - The Evolution of Music

30 Apr 09

Trick or Treatment

19 Feb 09

Eleven Dimensions of the Unifying Theory

14 Jan 09

The Eco-Cities of China - can they teach us a lesson?

19 Nov 08

Is Human Evolution Over?

15 Oct 08

How Americans play baseball and the rest of the world plays soccer

13 Mar 08

Six Impossible Things before Breakfast - The Biology of Belief

5 Feb 08

New Spin for Old Memories - the Nanotechnology of Magnetic Materials

31 Oct 07

Great Technologies that Shaped the 20th Century

27 Sep 07

Upgrading Humans - Technical Realities and New Morals

20 Mar 07

Relieving 500 million people from forgotten diseases

20 Feb 07

Invisible Cloaks and a Perfect Spyglass Sir John Pendry talks about new materials that are the stuff

24 Jan 07


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