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Previous Lectures and Events

The Plot Against the Generals: Gülenists, intellectuals and the fraud that transformed Turkish polit

25 Jun 14

Housing: Where Will We All Live?

9 Jun 14

England: a nation defined by dissent

29 May 14

Reflections on Leadership: a bank CEO's perspective

28 May 14

An Economy of Temporary Possession

22 May 14

Risk Savvy: how to make good decisions

21 May 14

A lecture by Charlie Bean, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England

20 May 14

The Future of the BBC

14 May 14

Borders and Interests: should the workers of the world unite?

8 May 14

Economics, But Not as You Know It

1 May 14

The Public Philosopher - Why Vote?

30 Apr 14

The EU Economy After the Great Recession

29 Apr 14

The EU Economy After the Great Recession

29 Apr 14

The Rise of Euroscepticism: causes and prospects

30 Jan 14

Can and Should the Eurozone Survive?

7 Nov 13

John F Kennedy's Quest For Peace

15 Jul 13

Global Power in a Shifting International Order: the West and the rest

8 May 13

Britain and the EU: an ever-closer union of peoples?

2 May 13

The Signal and the Noise: the art and science of prediction

29 Apr 13

Khan Academy - Reimagining Education

10 Apr 13

China's Growth: The Making of an Economic Superpower

21 Mar 13

The Great Convergence: Asia, The West and the Logic of One World

14 Mar 13

Does Eastern Europe Still Exist?

12 Mar 13

Unintended Consequences of the New Financial Regulations

11 Mar 13

A Life in Politics

5 Mar 13

Liberty and Security in the World Today: why we are all neo-democrats and what we should do about it

19 Feb 13

What would Hayek do to sort out this mess?

18 Feb 13

Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech: What International Human Rights Law Says

15 Feb 13

Live from Downing Street: The inside story of power, politics and the media

14 Feb 13

Investing in Prosperity – Launch of the LSE Growth Commission Report

31 Jan 13

Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death: Reflections on Memory and Imagination

28 Jan 13

Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death: Reflections on Memory and Imagination

28 Jan 13

The Foreign Policy Dilemmas of the US Administration in the Next Four Years

22 Jan 13

Digital Reality-Life in Two Worlds: The Physical World We Inhabit and the Digital Universe We Create

21 Jan 13

Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics

16 Jan 13

The Labour Movement and Protest: a working-class politics for the 21st century

15 Jan 13

Demystifying the Chinese Economy

18 Dec 12

Demystifying the Chinese Economy

18 Dec 12

Visualizing Political Struggle in the Middle East

13 Dec 12

Can we learn from History?

10 Dec 12

Putting Rights Back Together Again

6 Dec 12

The future of the European Union after the euro crisis: Political union and its discontents

3 Dec 12

The Eurozone's Design Failures: can they be corrected?

28 Nov 12

Social Movements and Social Change

27 Nov 12

The Rise and Decline of the American "Empire"

22 Nov 12

More Relatively-Poor People in a Less Absolutely-Poor World

22 Nov 12

Was Churchill more of a Progressive than a Reactionary?

21 Nov 12

The Gulag: what we know now and why it matters

20 Nov 12

The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler

15 Nov 12

Decentralization and Popular Democracy: governance from below in Bolivia

14 Nov 12

Innovation and Beyond in Healthcare

13 Nov 12

America and the World - After the Election

12 Nov 12

Salafi Islam, Online Ethics and the Future of the Egyptian Revolution

8 Nov 12

Intelligent Governance for the 21st Century

7 Nov 12

Accounting Harmonisation and Global Economic Consequences

6 Nov 12

Will elected police Commissioners improve police accountability?

5 Nov 12

Restless Empire: China and the world since 1750

1 Nov 12

The Ethics of Human Enhancement

30 Oct 12

America Votes

29 Oct 12

How Much is Enough? Work, Money and the Good Life

4 Jul 12

The Eurozone's awkward threesome: fiscal stance, macroeconomic stability and growth

8 May 12

Inside East-West Espionage

19 Apr 12

Religion for Atheists

2 Feb 12

Deleveraging and Growth: is the developed world following Japan's long and winding road?

10 Jan 12

Creating International Law: gender as a new paradigm

8 Dec 11

A Lecture by Youssef Amrani, secretary general of the Union for the Mediterranean

7 Dec 11

Anglo-America: civilizational politics beyond East and West

6 Dec 11

The Price of Civilization: economics and ethics after the fall

5 Dec 11

Global Political Challenges: women advancing democracy

2 Dec 11

Jawaharlal Nehru and China: a study in failure?

29 Nov 11

Herd Behaviour and Keeping up with the Joneses

28 Nov 11

The Global Value of the Commonwealth

21 Nov 11

What is a Rational Response to Catastrophic Risk?

17 Nov 11

Revolution and Counter-revolution in the Arab World

16 Nov 11

Thinking Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman in conversation with Richard Layard

15 Nov 11

Conservative Leadership - What Works and What Doesn't

14 Nov 11

The Darwin Economy: liberty, competition, and the common good

10 Nov 11

Europe's Vanished Kingdoms

9 Nov 11

The Limits of Investigative Journalism

7 Nov 11

ERC Security in Transition Launch

2 Nov 11

Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade

1 Nov 11

The Better Angels of our Nature: The Decline of Violence in World History and Its Causes

31 Oct 11

Arguments with Gandhi

25 Oct 11

Is South African Society More Equal Today Than When Apartheid Ended in 1994?

24 Oct 11

Is There A Future For Multiculturalism?

20 Oct 11

Is Happiness the Right Measure of Social Progress?

18 Oct 11

Is the European Union Becoming a Market State?

17 Oct 11

Beatrice Webb: her quest for a fairer society

12 Oct 11

Why is macroeconomics such a mess?

10 Oct 11

Architecture and Happiness

6 Oct 11

Hellenism, Universal Rights and Apartheid

5 Oct 11

'Making rich people richer doesn't make the rest of us richer' and 22 other Things They Don't Tell Y

4 Oct 11

Entrepreneurs, innovation and growth

3 Oct 11

Neoliberalism in Retreat: a new deal for Latin American women?

28 Sep 11

Keynes v Hayek

26 Jul 11

Phone-hacking: is it time to get tough on the press?

13 Jul 11

The Big Society and the Good Society: rethinking the place of the state in British society

14 Jun 11

A Fair Trial for the Human Rights Act

9 Jun 11

Why Nations Fail

8 Jun 11

Following the trail of Islamism and the Veil across time and borders

26 May 11

Beyond a Global Deal? A UN+ Approach to Climate Governance

25 May 11

Is the West Down and Out? And is the East Up and Coming?

24 May 11

The Lessons of Northern Ireland for Contemporary Counterterrorism Policy

23 May 11

Public Policy, Equity and Growth: a panel discussion

19 May 11

Development of Good Living: The Social Transformation Agenda in Ecuador

18 May 11

Equality, growth and sustainability – an impossible combination?

16 May 11

Torture, Compassion, Doubt

12 May 11

Cosmopolitanism: ideals and realities

10 May 11

Pakistan: A Hard Country

9 May 11

Europe: Where is the Passion

5 May 11

Media and African Democracy

21 Mar 11

The Low-Carbon Industrial Revolution

17 Mar 11

Grasshoppers, Ants and Locusts: the future of the world economy

16 Mar 11

Changes in Labour Market Inequality

15 Mar 11

Gender and Poverty in the 21st Century

11 Mar 11

Climate Change needs Climate Justice

10 Mar 11

Why is the European Left Losing Elections?

8 Mar 11

The Future of the European Union

7 Mar 11

The Doha Round is Alive; and more important than ever

3 Mar 11

Out of Europe? The United States in an Asian age

2 Mar 11

Nuclear Arms and Human Rights

1 Mar 11

The Lure of Authority: Motivation and Incentive Effects of Power

24 Feb 11

Private Equity Insider: A candid chat with Tony James

23 Feb 11

The Nobel Lecture: Equilibrium in the Labour Market with Search Frictions

15 Feb 11

The Haves and Have Nots

8 Feb 11

Big Society and Social Policy in Britain: a panel discussion

27 Jan 11

The Future of Global Economic Governance

25 Jan 11

How the West Was Lost: fifty years of economic folly and the stark choices ahead

20 Jan 11

The Grand Strategy of Detente

18 Jan 11

The Tensions of International Power: Restructuring in a Shifting Global Economy

17 Jan 11

The Long History of Dietetics: thinking sociologically about food, knowledge and the self

12 Jan 11

The Naked Swimmer: Can Spain (and the Euro) overcome this crisis?

10 Jan 11

European democracies and human rights: from present failures to future protection

9 Dec 10

Europe in 2011 and beyond

7 Dec 10

What Europe Means to Me

6 Dec 10

SIPRI Yearbook 2010 Seminar on Nuclear Weapons in Europe

2 Dec 10

War in the Borderlands

1 Dec 10

Africa and the World: the view from Washington

30 Nov 10

The Sixth Crisis: Iran, Israel, America, and the Rumors of War

29 Nov 10

The Third World's War

24 Nov 10

Revisiting the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain: the Parekh Report 10 years on

23 Nov 10

Television Beyond Frontiers: reflections on public service broadcasting in a digital Europe

22 Nov 10

Impunity in Cambodia

18 Nov 10

Restoring Growth

16 Nov 10

A Lecture by Álvaro García Linera, Vice President of Bolivia

11 Nov 10

Towards a New Financial System

9 Nov 10

Welfare State Reform Over the (Very) Long-run

9 Nov 10

Seeking Justice For Crimes Against Humanity: the case of Argentina

4 Nov 10

Fred Halliday – an intellectual appreciation

3 Nov 10

Them and Us: why we need a fair society

2 Nov 10

Phase Three of the Global Crisis

1 Nov 10

Celebrating the Work and Legacy of Professor Lord Meghnad Desai

28 Oct 10

State of Emergency: The Way We Were, Britain 1970-1974

27 Oct 10

African Whistle-blowers: fighting corruption from the inside

26 Oct 10

Staying Safe Online

21 Oct 10

Staying Safe Online

20 Oct 10

Staying Safe Online

19 Oct 10

The Political Economy of the Cold War

18 Oct 10

A Dialogue with Hernando de Soto

15 Oct 10

Economics after the Crisis: Economic Freedom and Public Policy: Economics as a Moral Discipline

13 Oct 10

Economics after the Crisis: Market Efficiency and Rationality: Why Financial Markets are Different

12 Oct 10

Economic Growth, Human Welfare and Inequality

11 Oct 10

Greatness and Limits of the West: reflections on an uncompleted project

7 Oct 10

The Economist as Philosopher: Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes on human nature, social progress an

6 Oct 10

Capitalism: can it ever be moral?

4 Oct 10

Lloyd George - the great outsider

30 Sep 10

'It's my body and I'll do what I Like with it' Bodies as possessions and objects

29 Sep 10

The Financial Crisis: Who is to Blame?

28 Sep 10

Private Equity: leveraged expertise or leveraged bets?

27 Sep 10

On Writing: High, Low and everything in Between

22 Sep 10

The Ultimate Weapon is No Weapon: human security and the new rules of war and peace

26 May 10

A Manifesto for Giant Funds: resolving the dysfunctionality of finance

25 May 10

The Realities and Relevance of Japan's Great Recession

24 May 10

The Cultural Practices of Cognition

20 May 10

We Don't Know How to Solve Global Poverty and That's a Good Thing

19 May 10

Full Globalisation as a Positive-Sum Game

18 May 10

Frazer Strikes Back from the Armchair

13 May 10

Atheists on Religion

12 May 10

Islam Quintet: Night of the Golden Butterfly

11 May 10

Transitional Justice in the 21st Century

10 May 10

Do No Harm: international support for statebuilding in fragile situations

6 May 10

Enemies Into Friends: how peace breaks out

4 May 10

The Coming Global Monetary (Dis)Order

29 Apr 10

Barack Obama and the Muslim World

23 Feb 10

21st Century Challenges: how global crises provide the opportunity to transform the world

16 Feb 10


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