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Previous Lectures and Events

The ANC's London Recruits: the secret war against apartheid

4 Jun 13

'The Use and Abuse of English Commons, 1845-1900'.

15 Nov 12

‘Theatres of Memory, Memory as Theatre’

8 Nov 11

London in Fiction: The Jewish East End in the Radical 1930s

13 Dec 11

Whose Morality is it Anyway?

6 Dec 11

Influencing Young Minds

29 Nov 11

How do you know I'm not a Zombie?

19 Nov 11

Information Dissemination in a New Media Age

15 Nov 11

The Fear Factor

10 Nov 11

Resisting Control: Dissent, Protest and Organised Beligerence

3 Nov 11

The Stones of London: A History in Twelve Buildings

25 Oct 11

What are you Thinking About?

22 Oct 11

London in Fiction: Soho Noir

20 Oct 11

The Obama Syndrome

18 Oct 11

What's Behind the Built Environment?

13 Oct 11

Charles Dickens: A Life

6 Oct 11

When London was Capital of America

4 Oct 11

London in Fiction: Kersh and the City

27 Sep 11

The Thirties: An Intimate History

3 Mar 11

1911: A Vision of England

24 Feb 11

The Making of Henry Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor

17 Feb 11

Kingcraft, Priestcraft and its Critics: Dan Chatterton and his 'Scorcher'

7 Dec 10

Capital Affairs: London and the Making of the Permissive Society

2 Dec 10

The Honourable MP? Corruption in British Politics

23 Nov 10

A Rotten Apple or a Diseased Orchard? Corruption and the Metropolitan Police since 1829

9 Nov 10

Out of the Shadows: Forgotten London Writers

21 Oct 10

'My Word is my Bond' - But can we really trust the City of London?

12 Oct 10

Violent London: 2000 Years of Riots, Rebels and Revolts

7 Oct 10

Barnardo's Philanthropy and Photography

13 Jul 10

The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes

1 Jul 10

Dennis Morris: Life through a Lens

22 Jun 10

Photographing the East End in the 1930s

17 Jun 10

Dreamers of a New Day - Women Who Invented the Twentieth Century

8 Jun 10

London: The Story of a Great City

3 Jun 10

A History of East End Photography

18 May 10

London and Orwell - The Journalist

13 Apr 10

The Wapping Strike

30 Mar 10

Labour on Labour

20 Mar 10

Lost London

18 Mar 10

Investigative Journalism

16 Mar 10

Building East London: Rebuild or Refurbish?

9 Mar 10

Building East London: The Technological Revolution in London's Lea Valley

8 Mar 10

Building East London: The Legacy of Social Housing

5 Mar 10

Building East London: Silk-weavers' Tenement Housing in Georgian Spitalfields

4 Mar 10

Conspirator: Lenin in Exile

18 Feb 10

The Hub? Print Journalism in 19th Century London

16 Feb 10

Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the 21st Century City

11 Feb 10

Gothic London: City of the Deranged and Disorderly Dead

8 Dec 09

Dickens's Tales of the City

1 Dec 09

The Raphael Samuel Memorial Lecture 2009 - Making the Human Gesture: History, Sexuality and Social J

27 Nov 09

Hauntology: Tracking the Londoners Nobody Wants to See

24 Nov 09

Sport and Identity in East London

19 Nov 09

Investigating the City: London in Detective Fiction from the Victorian Era to the 'Golden Age'

10 Nov 09

The Secret History of Georgian London

29 Oct 09

The Quickening Maze

22 Oct 09

Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love

15 Oct 09

International Trade - Who Makes the Rules?

13 Oct 09

'Those Lovely Trans-Atlantic Invaders': American Women in Victorian London

1 Oct 09

The Museum and its Public in 19th Century Britain

23 Jun 09

Shopping for All - The Development of the Department Store in Edwardian London

16 Jun 09

The Partisan Coffee House: Cultural Politics and the Early New Left

11 Jun 09

Mary Davis: Comrade or Brother?

9 Jun 09

Struggles over Public Space: The History of Parks in East London

2 Jun 09

Tristram Hunt: The Frock-Coated Communist

21 May 09

A Penny for the Pictures

19 May 09

The Conservative Party and Socialism

15 May 09

Tallyho and Away; or Huntin' the Reds: Communist Party Writers in the Cold War

9 May 09

My East End: In Conversation with Steven Berkoff

7 May 09

The Phoenix: The Men Who Made Modern London

16 Apr 09

Arthur Morrison: East End Working Class Novelist

14 Apr 09

The Roots of the Health Service

7 Apr 09

Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future: History and the Making of Public Policy – Madness in the Syste

2 Apr 09

Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire - A Confidential Report

26 Mar 09

Bedlam: London and its Mad

24 Mar 09

Nicholas Culpeper: The Rebel Healer of Spitalfields

10 Mar 09

Hospitals of London

3 Mar 09

From Fatwa and book burning to Jihad and hate laws: Twenty years of 'free speech wars'

12 Feb 09

Doctors, 'Delusions' and the Great Wen: Alternative Medicine's London Roots

10 Feb 09

Cocaine Girls in the West End

9 Dec 08

Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future: History and the Making of Public Policy - Bad Kids? The Politi

26 Nov 08

Opium Dens in Late 19th Century London

25 Nov 08

The Blackest Streets: The Life and Death of a Victorian Slum

18 Nov 08

Pain and Degradation in Georgian London: Life in Marshalsea Prison

7 Nov 08

Binge Drinking in the Age of Hogarth

4 Nov 08

Casualty Figures: How Five Men Survived the First World War

23 Oct 08

London's Liquid Demons: Temperance in the Victorian Capital

21 Oct 08

Syrup of Soot at the Devil's Ordinary: Coffee and London

7 Oct 08

The Labour Movement, Socialism and Democracy

2 Oct 08

Poetry Review Speaks Out: 'Where now for Political Culture?'

25 Sep 08

London's Changing Stations

8 Jul 08

Resurgam: The Post-War Reconstruction of London

10 Jun 08

Class Act: The Cultural and Political Life of Ewan MacColl

3 Jun 08

A Brief History of Building Tall in London / The Pressure for Tall Buildings

20 May 08

'Stop the City!' The Anarchists in London

8 Apr 08

Debate: Flogging a Dead Horse: Can We Make a Positive Case for Atheism Today?

3 Apr 08

Fascists and Fascism in London between the Wars

18 Mar 08

Sylvia Pankhurst - A Maverick Life

11 Mar 08

Debate: Still the Opium of the Masses? Religion and Radicalism

6 Mar 08

East End Underworld: the Life of Arthur Harding

19 Feb 08

Talk: Poplar 1921: Why Thirty Labour Councillors Went Willingly to Gaol

12 Feb 08

Debate: Get out of my Head! Education, Indoctrination and the Battle over Faith Schools

7 Feb 08

The Creative Word: Shades and Contours: A Cartography of the State of Poetry

31 Jan 08


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