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Previous Lectures and Events

More Women Can Run: why women remain underrepresented in politics

24 Nov 14

A speech by Minouche Shafik, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England

27 Oct 14

The Outlook for Global Financial Stability

16 Oct 14

Structural Reform for Growth with Equity

14 Oct 14

South Africa's Democracy — Mandela's "Cherished Ideal"

23 Sep 14

The Shifts and The Shocks: What we've learned – and still have to learn – from the financial crisis

16 Sep 14

Thrive: the power of evidence-based psychological therapies

10 Jul 14

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

16 Jun 14

Mandela, The Lawyer

12 Jun 14

Measuring Happiness?

15 Jan 14

The Origins of the Revolution: Marx and Eastern Europe

5 Nov 13

'Freedom is always freedom for the one who thinks differently' – Rosa Luxemburg for our times

6 May 11

What About Women?

27 Apr 10

The Enigma of Capital

26 Apr 10

Max Weber, Charisma and Nationalism

12 Apr 10

The Future of Capitalism and Globalisation: Global Perspectives and a European Agenda

22 Mar 10

Beyond Copenhagen

16 Mar 10

Hamlet Without the Prince of Denmark: how development has disappeared from today’s ‘development’ dis

25 Feb 10

Civil Society, Aid and Security

24 Feb 10

Uncertainty and Ambiguity in American Fiscal and Monetary Policies

10 Feb 10

Economics 0-Reality 1

4 Feb 10

Think – Before it’s too late

1 Feb 10

Why Aid is Not Working and How There Is Another Way for Africa

26 Jan 10

Speaking with the Speaker

25 Jan 10

When China Rules the World

13 Jan 10

Muslims in Modern Europe

12 Jan 10

Happiness around the World: the paradox of happy peasants and miserable millionaires

3 Dec 09

Scroogenomics: Why You Shouldn't Buy Presents for Christmas

3 Dec 09

The Future of Global Capitalism, Convergence or Divergence Across the World

2 Dec 09

Deciding our Future in Copenhagen: will the world rise to the challenge of climate change?

1 Dec 09

The Global Economics Crisis: one year in

30 Nov 09

Creating the Organisms that Evolution Forgot: an 'any questions?' debate on synthetic biology

26 Nov 09

First as Tragedy, Then as Farce: The Double Death of Neoliberalism and the Idea of Communism

25 Nov 09

Managing Risk and Behaviour in Financial Markets

25 Nov 09

Jihad: the trail of Political Islam

24 Nov 09

Climb the Green Ladder: how sustainability can make you and your company more successful

23 Nov 09

The Road to Copenhagen: a global deal on climate change

19 Nov 09


16 Nov 09

Them and Us: how capitalism without fairness is capitalism without a future

11 Nov 09

Broke: voices from the edge

10 Nov 09

Rules of Evidence

10 Nov 09

The New Economic Settlement: building sustainable growth

28 Oct 09

The International economy, and the process of the citizen's revolution in Ecuador

27 Oct 09

The International economy, and the process of the citizen's revolution in Ecuador

27 Oct 09

How to Control and Change Individual Behaviour: the world as installation

26 Oct 09

In Conversation with George Alagiah

23 Oct 09

A Year after the Collapse of Lehmans: where does global capitalism go now?

22 Oct 09

The Crisis of Global Capitalism: ten years on

21 Oct 09

The Crisis of Global Capitalism: ten years on

21 Oct 09

The Future of Banking and Financial Regulation

19 Oct 09

The Defence of the Realm

15 Oct 09

Islam: what I believe

14 Oct 09

Beyond Terror and Martyrdom: the future of the Middle East

13 Oct 09

Optimal Financial Structure and Economic Development

12 Oct 09

Terrorism: How to Respond

8 Oct 09

Keynes and the Crisis of Capitalism

7 Oct 09

The Consolations of Economics

6 Oct 09

The Global Emerging Market and its role in a time of crisis

5 Oct 09

Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment public lecture

1 Oct 09

Gendering the Social Sciences Gender Institute, the Department of International Relations and STICER

30 Sep 09

International Growth Centre Growth Week public lecture

24 Sep 09

LSE public lecture

14 Sep 09

LSE Director’s Dialogue with Stephen Green

2 Jul 09

The Post-American World and the Rise of the Rest

30 Jun 09

Is America in Decline?

29 Jun 09

The Return of Depression Economics Part 3

10 Jun 09

The Return of Depression Economics Part 2

9 Jun 09

The Return of Depression Economics Part 1

8 Jun 09

Religion and the Market: are they in conflict?

1 Jun 09

The Failure of both Multiculturalism and Assimilation, and the New Path of Omniculturalism

21 May 09

Opening up ‘Illiberal’ Regimes: do media and communications matter?

19 May 09

A World Without Particles or Forces

14 May 09

Declining Hegemon? The United States and the World Crisis

13 May 09

The Global Financial Crisis Revisited

11 May 09

Human Rights after Darwin: is a general theory of human rights now possible?

7 May 09

How 'the Poor' Became 'Poor': debating global civil society and constructions of poverty

6 May 09

Rising Asia in the World Crisis

5 May 09

Fool's Gold

30 Apr 09

On the New Supreme Court

28 Apr 09

Imagining India: ideas for the new century

22 Apr 09

Imagining India: ideas for the new century

22 Apr 09

A Blueprint for a Safer Planet

21 Apr 09

Empire and Ethnicity in the Modern World

30 Mar 09

Nudge: improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness

23 Mar 09

The Significance of 1949 in Chinese History

17 Mar 09

China in International Society: can 'peaceful rise' succeed?

10 Mar 09

An EU 'Fit for Purpose' in a Global Age

9 Mar 09

Unjust Rewards: Exposing Greed and Inequality in Britain Today

5 Mar 09

What should the next G20 meeting do?

3 Mar 09

The Story of the Euro: past, present and future

26 Feb 09

Climate for Change: global warming as political opportunity

25 Feb 09

Demoncacy in America: Jefferson, Tocquerville and Lincoln

24 Feb 09

Individual and Corporate Responsibility

19 Feb 09

“Russian Railways” as the locomotive of the Russian Economy

17 Feb 09

The Global Economic Crisis – Meeting the Challenge

17 Feb 09

A Good Childhood: searching for values in a competitive age

11 Feb 09

Why 2009 is a crucial year for Europe

5 Feb 09

On the New Supreme Court

3 Feb 09

The Element: how finding your passion changes everything

2 Feb 09

Is Global Democracy Possible?

28 Jan 09

The Great Transformation: how China changed in the long 1970s

22 Jan 09

Designing Policies for Growth

21 Jan 09

Designing Policies for Growth

20 Jan 09

Designing Policies for Growth

19 Jan 09

The Stamp Memorial Lecture

13 Jan 09

Human Rights Day Event: The Right of Rights 1948-2008

4 Dec 08

The role of banks in a globalised economy: balancing innovation and stability

3 Dec 08

China After the Olympics

2 Dec 08

Are We Winning the War on Drugs?

27 Nov 08

The Subprime Crisis

26 Nov 08

The Age of Mobility: Can we make migration work for all?

26 Nov 08

A lecture by Alexander Stubb, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland

20 Nov 08

A lecture by Mary McAleese, President of Ireland

19 Nov 08

The Politics of Mobility

18 Nov 08

Europe in the Global Economy

13 Nov 08

Financial Systems and Economic Development: the Chinese and Indian experiences

12 Nov 08

Free Trade: Why the Recent Critiques are Mistaken

12 Nov 08

Did religion make a difference? The American elections and beyond

11 Nov 08

Where Now For the United States After the Election?

7 Nov 08

Time to Slaughter Some Sacred Cows? Confronting Failure in the War on HIV/AIDS

6 Nov 08

From War to Peace: Northern Ireland and its lessons for the 21st century

4 Nov 08

An Appeal to Reason: a cool look at global warming

29 Oct 08

In Sickness and In Power

27 Oct 08

The Politics of Climate Change

22 Oct 08

Running Cities: London in context

21 Oct 08

The Global Financial Crisis: Will Hutton and Martin Wolf in conversation with Professor David Held

20 Oct 08

Are We Going Back to Power Politics? Can Europe Cope?

17 Oct 08

Towards a new response to climate change - perspectives from Australia

15 Oct 08

Hot, Flat and Crowded

14 Oct 08

The Challenge of Climate Change

13 Oct 08

The China Challenge as Myth and Reality

8 Oct 08

The International Criminal Court ten years on: achievements and challenges ahead

7 Oct 08

The Two Faces of Asia: bridging the gap between high growth economies and the poor

2 Oct 08

Negotiating a new international response to Climate Change: the prospects for COP-15 in Copenhagen 2

1 Oct 08

The Future of U.S. Regulation

25 Sep 08

The Post American World

30 Jun 08

The European Exception? The Public Intellectual in Britain

26 Jun 08

Skills, Rights and Resources in the East Asian Path to Development

18 Jun 08

Western Secularisation and Globalisation

16 Jun 08

The War for Wealth: The true story of globalization and how Western society can survive

10 Jun 08

The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature

9 Jun 08

LSE public lecture

3 Jun 08

What is Wrong with Secularism of all Sorts? Priority for Democracy

29 May 08

Fixing Failed States

22 May 08

Is there a European Foreign Policy?

21 May 08

The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What It Means

21 May 08

Why Economics Matters

20 May 08

The Pursuit of Justice

19 May 08

AIDS: exceptionalism revisited

15 May 08

Is the Middle East Europe’s Business?

13 May 08

McMafia: Crime without frontiers

12 May 08

The Powers to Lead

8 May 08

Towards the French Presidency of the EU: a lecture by Jean-Pierre Jouyet

8 May 08

A lecture by David Miliband

7 May 08

Multiculturalism and Secularism

6 May 08

Common Wealth: economics for a crowded planet

2 May 08

Religious Faith and Human Rights

1 May 08

The New Politics of Identity

29 Apr 08

Britain and the EU: are we truly bad or just the misunderst‘hoodies of Europe?

28 Apr 08

The Bin Ladens

24 Apr 08

The New Asian Hemisphere

1 Apr 08

The New Asian Hemisphere

1 Apr 08

Behavioural Economics: Common Mistakes in Daily Decisions

17 Mar 08

Behavioural Economics: Common Mistakes in Daily Decisions

17 Mar 08

Behavioural Economics: Common Mistakes in Daily Decisions

17 Mar 08

American Economic and Military Imperialism: are they connected?

6 Mar 08

Climate Change, Energy and the Way Ahead

27 Feb 08

The Nuts and Bolts of Empire

26 Feb 08

Bringing Trans-Atlantic Security into the 21st Century

25 Feb 08

The $3 Trillion War: the true cost of the war in Iraq

25 Feb 08

Stelios on Brands, Serial Entrepreneurship, the Environment and Giving Something Back!

19 Feb 08

The Single Monetary Policy and the Analytics of OCAs: what has the Euro area experience taught us?

18 Feb 08

Creating a World Without Poverty: how social business can transform our lives

15 Feb 08

Islam and Secularism in France and Turkey

14 Feb 08

A God of One’s Own: individualisation and cosmopolitanisation of religion

13 Feb 08

Where to Find European Values

12 Feb 08

Access to prevention and treatment of AIDS in the developing world: evidence for hope

12 Feb 08

Schooling and Growth

7 Feb 08

The Logic of Life

6 Feb 08

Measuring American Power in Today's Fractured World

5 Feb 08

IAnother European Tradition: traceability of the social and the vindication of Gabriel Tarde

4 Feb 08

International Relations in a Post-Hegemonic Age

30 Jan 08

New Industrial Centres and the Rise of the Justice and Development Party to Power in Turkey

28 Jan 08

Russia and Europe: new neighbours defining a new neighbourhood

22 Jan 08

Towards the French Presidency of the EU: which priorities?

21 Jan 08

The Significance of Reconstruction after the Civil War in American history

15 Jan 08

General Reflections

23 Jan 07


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