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Previous Lectures and Events

A Day in the Life Of...Mental Health Support

23 Nov 21

Witches’ Stories: Nurses and midwives accused of witchcraft (1563-1736)

17 Nov 21

Nursing a Pandemic: Vaccinating the Nation

10 Nov 21

In Conversation with Nursing Pioneers: Do patients need educated nurses?

27 Oct 21

Memoirs of an NHS Black Mental Health Nurse

22 Oct 21

Maybe I Don't Belong Here: An audience with David Harewood

20 Oct 21

Explore Your Nursing Family History for Black History Month

7 Oct 21

Nursing a Pandemic: Newly Registered Nurses

9 Sep 21

Germs and Governance: The past, present and future of infection prevention

26 Aug 21

Nursing a Pandemic: Learning Disability Nursing

23 Aug 21

Nursing a Pandemic: The Future of Nursing (online event)

29 Jul 21

The Future of Nursing History: Race, Gender and Internationalism

14 Jul 21

The Politics of Nursing History: Identities and Boundaries (online event)

29 Jun 21

Nursing a Pandemic: Fighting for the Frontline (online event)

24 Jun 21

Nursing a Pandemic: Nursing Support Workers (Online Event)

20 May 21

In Conversation with Nursing Pioneers: the COVID-19 Pandemic

12 May 21

Nursing a pandemic: Care Homes

17 Feb 21

Nursing a Pandemic: First Responses (Online Event)

18 Nov 20

Winifred Raphael Memorial Lecture

12 Nov 20

Jack's Story: Reflections of an Ex-POW on becoming a mental nurse

12 Oct 20

Antiemetic for Homesickness: Romalyn Ante in conversation with Molly Case

30 Sep 20

Nursing Myth Busters: Fashion, Fantasy and Female Firsts (online event)

23 Sep 20

Drunkenness and Misbehaviour? A Reappraisal of Nursing before Nightingale (online talk)

17 Sep 20

Emblems of Resilience: Nurses, ‘Spanish Influenza’ and lessons for Covid-19 (virtual event)

11 Aug 20

Florence Nightingale’s Legacy (virtual event)

7 Jul 20

Hidden Lives, Untold Stories: Nurses Beyond Nightingale (online event)

30 Jun 20

Regulation, Resilience and Resistance: The Struggle for Professional Nursing (1887-2019)

1 Apr 20

Black Nurses in Britain before Windrush

10 Mar 20

A Natural History of Raising Concerns

4 Mar 20

Pictures of nursing: Nurses and nursing on postcards 1890-1910

11 Feb 20

The value of care: Women’s work and emotional labour

29 Jan 20

Florence Nightingale Comes Home (online event)

21 Jan 20

Activism, Nursing and Women’s Rights: Then and Now

6 Nov 19

From Maggots to Matrons: Rituals and Myths in Nursing

6 Nov 19

Pioneering Women for a Pioneering Act

5 Nov 19

Fighting for Recognition : The History of a Health Profession Exhibition Launch

17 Oct 19

The Heartland: Finding and Losing Schizophrenia

10 Oct 19

Power to the Womb'an: From period parables to menopause mysteries

8 Oct 19

The Technology of Ageing

20 Jun 19

Exhibition Launch: A Woman's Disease? Gender and Gynaecology

8 May 19

Exploring Ageing in History: Exhibition Launch

11 Apr 19

Wanted: Educated Women of Culture - RCN History of Nursing Society Lecture

14 Mar 19

Words and Deeds: Nursing, Poetry and the Women’s Movement

13 Dec 18

Counting the cost of caring - The Winifred Raphael Memorial Lecture

14 Nov 18

'Please help us to carry on nursing': Jewish refugees and the nursing profession, 1938-45

13 Nov 18

RCN Fellows Lecture: Gender on the Agenda

7 Nov 18

Pandemics! Fighting Infection Past and Present - Exhibition Launch

1 Nov 18

RCN Student Debate: #NHS70

26 Oct 18

Acting Today for a Better Tomorrow: Health and Wellbeing for Future Generations

24 Oct 18

Women's Health Past and Present: Myths, Mistakes and Experiences

18 Oct 18

“Metal Prisons”: Polio nursing in 1950s Belfast

4 Oct 18

Nursing Night Sweats: Tuberculosis care in the early twentieth century

6 Sep 18

The Art of Caring: Beyond the Ebola crisis

16 Aug 18

Nursing a Plague: History, Testimony and Memory

31 Jul 18

Nothing for us without us: I Am ICW

9 Jul 18

RCN LATE: Beat the Bugs!

2 Jul 18

“Let me take care of you”: A comparison of care

25 Jun 18

RCN Public Lecture: Compassion and End of Life Care

20 Jun 18

“Please Matron!” Hospital Hygiene in 1901

18 Jun 18

In Flew Enza: Letters from the 1918 Flu Pandemic

31 May 18

Hidden in Plain Sight: Exhibition launch for Black History Month

11 Oct 17

Nurse veterans of the Great War in 1920s France, Belgium and Britain

30 Mar 17

Sanitary Skills: Health visiting past to present

8 Mar 17

The Psyche on the Skin: A History of Self-harm

23 Feb 17

The Journey of Childhood Public health: From the Victorian Age to the present

25 Jan 17

Disability History Month at the RCN

8 Dec 16

Pre-Wolfenden to PrEP: HIV and sexual health services then and now

28 Nov 16

The Genital Touch: Understanding male cancers past and present

23 Nov 16

Science Showoff: Are you being nursed?

9 Nov 16

Dangerous liaisons? The myth of mental illness and risk

10 Oct 16

Desert Island Discs: Professor Elizabeth Anionwu

5 Oct 16

From patient to person: changing the way we think about growing older

5 Oct 16

Vaccination past and present: Public Health exhibition launch

4 Oct 16

The History of Cardiff City Mental Hospital

30 Mar 16

Outside the Asylum: Community Psychiatry Nursing

25 Feb 16

Nursing Loud and Proud: LGBT History Month and the RCN

17 Feb 16

"Curing Queers": Mental Nurses and their Patients

10 Feb 16

WW1 Series: Military nurses during the Gallipoli Campaign

27 Aug 15

WW1 Series: Women’s Poetry in the Great War: Poetry and Music

3 Jul 15

Title: Guided Tours: London Festival of Architecture

6 Jun 15

Ward Sisters: Exploring the role of The modern ward nurse

14 May 15

A Force for Change: What is the Modern Nurse?

13 May 15

The Second World War and the liberation of Auschwitz

7 May 15

WW1 Series: From Shell-shock to PTSD: War neuroses from the First World War to the present day

30 Apr 15

Lunchtime Lectures: Patient safety and human factors

23 Apr 15

WW1 Series: Nurses and psychological trauma in the First World War

22 Apr 15

The first 150 years of trying to understand MND

16 Apr 15

WW1 Series: Remembering First World War Nurses

1 Apr 15

WW1 Series: Remembering First World War Nurses

1 Apr 15

Lunchtime Lecture: HIV and nursing – testing times

5 Dec 14

Public lecture: the shock of the fall and the last asylum

10 Oct 14

Touch and Reminiscence – Objects and Wellbeing

23 Jul 14

Touch and Reminiscence – Objects and Wellbeing

23 Jul 14

Mood-Boosting Books – Reading for Health

27 Jun 14

Creativity and Wellbeing – Art and Health in Prisons

28 May 14

Illness Narratives – Archives of Lived Experience

16 Apr 14


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