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London School of Economics and Political Science

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Previous Lectures and Events

Poverty, Justice and Development

22 May 14

Expulsions: brutality and complexity in the global economy

13 May 14

Imagining Global Health with Justice

8 May 14

Practice Makes Progress: the multiple logics of continuing innovation

7 May 14

Human Rights, Globalisation and How to Save the World

1 May 14

The Future of the Liberal World Order

23 Jan 14

The Folly of Technological Solutionism

21 Mar 13

Is Multiculturalism Dead?

19 Mar 13

EVENT CANCELLED: Obama, the Tea Party, and the future of American Politics

14 Mar 13

India - Macroeconomic Challenges, Some Reserve Bank Perspectives

13 Mar 13

Sexual Politics and Revolution: Emma Goldman's Passion

11 Mar 13

The End of Impunity for Violence against Women? The Istanbul Convention in Europe

7 Mar 13

Why I am a Euro-optimist

4 Mar 13

Narratives: the oral tradition of storytelling and fiction

2 Mar 13

Art in Conflict

2 Mar 13

Fashion in Food

2 Mar 13

Between Curatorial and Urban Practice

2 Mar 13

Comedy as Commentary

2 Mar 13

My Mediterranean

1 Mar 13

Austerity on Trial

1 Mar 13

Rethinking Risk: when biology meets finance

28 Feb 13

A Life in Politics – leading London from the left

28 Feb 13

The Silence of Animals

28 Feb 13

The Ironic Spectator

27 Feb 13

The Forum: The Challenge of Ageing

26 Feb 13

On Shame

21 Feb 13

EVENT CANCELLED: Humanitarian Legalism

20 Feb 13

Off the edge of history: the world in the 21st century

19 Feb 13

On Humour

18 Feb 13

Transformation Is Possible: Moving Feminist Economics into Policies and Institutions

14 Feb 13

Putinism: the ideology

12 Feb 13

The Global Theft of Land: human rights, dispossession and destruction

6 Feb 13

EVENT CANCELLED: What is Happening in Syria Today?

31 Jan 13

Democracy and Emotion

29 Jan 13

Democracy and Emotion

29 Jan 13

Eurozone Deadlock – Finding a Path Out of the Crisis

23 Jan 13

Women, Protest and the Nature of Female Rebellion

22 Jan 13

Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich

21 Jan 13

Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich

21 Jan 13

Land of the Seven Rivers: a brief history of India's geography

17 Jan 13

Islam and the Politics of Resistance: the case of women in Iran

16 Jan 13

Life and Politics: Potentiation and Extinguishment

14 Jan 13

Antifragile: how to live in a world we don't understand

5 Dec 12

Replacing the Nation: South Africa's passive revolution?

4 Dec 12

The Creative Mind

27 Nov 12

The Olympus Scandal: the first CEO in history to become a whistleblower and report on his own compan

26 Nov 12

European Rights vs Bill of Rights

22 Nov 12

How Protest Movements Change America

21 Nov 12

Dazed and Confused: making sense of an uncertain economy

19 Nov 12

The Future of the Union: England

14 Nov 12

Secularism, Religion and Sexuality: A Postcolonial Genealogy

12 Nov 12

In the Zone: Spontaneity and Mental Discipline in Sport and Beyond

8 Nov 12

How Long Does "Post-War" Last? Feminist Warnings

5 Nov 12

Europe's Unfinished Currency: the political economics of the Euro

1 Nov 12

When China Met Africa

31 Oct 12

Family Planning: Why Do We Need a London Summit?

10 Jul 12

Poor Economics: Barefoot Hedge-fund Managers, Reluctant Entrepreneurs and the Surprising Truth about

26 Mar 12

Start Your Business in 7 Days

13 Mar 12

The Year of Egypt's Second Revolution, the Balance Sheet So Far

9 Jan 12

The US and the Arab Revolutions

8 Dec 11

For Love and Money: the distinctive features of care work

29 Nov 11

Arab Nationalism, Islamism and the Arab Uprising

28 Nov 11

Social Movements in the Age of the Internet

24 Nov 11

The Wit and Wisdom of Brian Moore

15 Nov 11

Bombing Savages in Law, in Fact, in Fiction

10 Nov 11

Pillars of Prosperity: The Political Economics of Development Clusters

7 Nov 11

Decarbonising Britain

1 Nov 11

Role of a Foreign Bank in China

31 Oct 11

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: the difference and why it matters

20 Oct 11

Citizenship and Immigration: rights and obligations of individuality

18 Oct 11

New Mobile Technologies: privacy and policy, threats and opportunities

17 Oct 11

Truth, Errors, and Lies: politics and economics in a volatile world

13 Oct 11

Portugal delivers

12 Oct 11

627 Million Chinese Brought Out of Poverty: where did it all go wrong?

11 Oct 11

Framing the Arab Uprisings: a historical perspective

6 Oct 11

Cybercrime, Cybercops and You

4 Oct 11

A lecture by Lisa Anderson, Provost of the American University in Cairo

13 Jul 11

Global Imbalances and Social Challenges

22 Jun 11

Too Many People in Britain? Immigration and the Housing Problem

21 Jun 11

The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You

20 Jun 11

Preventing Financial Meltdowns

7 Jun 11

Living in the Endless City

6 Jun 11

Poor Economics; A Radical Rethinking of the way to Fight Global Poverty

2 Jun 11

Health Care Reform in the US

31 May 11

A Lecture by Sheryl Sandberg

25 May 11

A Conversation with Sandra Day O'Connor, former Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court

24 May 11

Africa's Diasporas: a continental longing for form?

24 May 11

Distance and Cities: where do we stand?

19 May 11

At First Blush: some consequences of how biomedical knowledge of AIDS arrives

18 May 11

The Architecture of Governance

17 May 11

Can China's Political System Sustain its Peaceful Rise?

16 May 11

Parasites – enemy of the poor

13 May 11

The Right to Die

12 May 11

The DNA of Human Rights

12 May 11

Budgeting for Gender Equality: is government economic policy fair to women?

11 May 11

A World Without Superpowers: de-centered globalism

10 May 11

Next-generation Leadership and Management

9 May 11

Idea Man

5 May 11

The Future of Power

4 May 11

Zero Degrees of Empathy: a new theory of human cruelty

3 May 11

The End of Remembering

5 Apr 11

The Economic Outlook and Financial Industry Challenges

30 Mar 11

The Virtues of Violence and the Arts of Terror

23 Mar 11

LSE Director's Dialogue

21 Mar 11

The Globalisation Paradox – Why Global Markets, States, and Democracy Can't Coexist

17 Mar 11

The Unfinished Global Revolution

17 Mar 11

Italy 150 Years On: Was Unification a Mistake?

16 Mar 11

Triumph of the City: how our greatest invention makes us richer, smarter, greener, healthier and hap

14 Mar 11

Public Service Broadcasting and Public Value: the remaining challenges for the BBC

9 Mar 11

The Human Sciences in the 'Age of Biology' – revitalising sociology

8 Mar 11

Why Human Rights and Democracy are Critical to overcome Poverty

7 Mar 11

Good Life in Hard Times

2 Mar 11

A Perfect Storm in the Arab World?

24 Feb 11

The Global Chaos of Love

23 Feb 11

Reality Hunger

19 Feb 11

Placing Mobilities

19 Feb 11

The Immortalization Commission: Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat Death

19 Feb 11

Crossing Borders- Andrew Motion in conversation with Rebecca Jones

19 Feb 11

Talking with Nazis

18 Feb 11

Facts are Subversive: crossing the borders between history and journalism

18 Feb 11

Writing Across Borders: Empathy in the Age of Conflict

18 Feb 11

Adaptation in an age of Digitisation: its fans, practitioners and foes

17 Feb 11

Science Fiction and International Orders

17 Feb 11

Storylines and Songscapes: Celebrating Tagore's short stories

16 Feb 11

Impact, Concerns and Future of Political Transitions in Latin America

15 Feb 11

LSE Director's Dialogue

10 Feb 11

Uprising: will emerging markets shape or shake the world economy

9 Feb 11

Absolute beginners: behavioural economics and human happiness

8 Feb 11

Rethinking Capitalism: emotions as commodities

7 Feb 11

Why Indians Win In Business

3 Feb 11

Phase Three of the Global Crisis

31 Jan 11

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

27 Jan 11

America's Wars in the Muslim World

26 Jan 11

Trapped by the Past? Institutional Legacies and African Development

25 Jan 11

China's Stimulus: path to sustainable growth or bubble machine?

24 Jan 11

The Net Delusion: Does free information mean free people?

19 Jan 11

The Naked City

17 Jan 11

Facing Disaster In the Middle East: Do We Have Only Bad Options?

10 Jan 11

The Physico-Material Bases of Cosmopolitanism

1 Dec 10

Are the New Conservatives conservative?

26 Nov 10

Zombie Economics: How Dead Ideas Still Walk among Us

25 Nov 10

How to Avoid Financial Crises in the Future

22 Nov 10

Balkans 2020: The Ministerial Debate

18 Nov 10

The Verdict: did Labour change Britain?

16 Nov 10

Superpower? The Amazing Race Between China's Hare and India's Tortoise

15 Nov 10

The Wisdom of Bees

10 Nov 10

Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down

9 Nov 10

The State of the World Economy

4 Nov 10

Green growth: the transition to a sustainable economy

2 Nov 10

Where Good Ideas Come From

2 Nov 10

Lady Chatterley's Lover: Fifty years on

1 Nov 10

Financial Crisis and Economic Recession

28 Oct 10

The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic

27 Oct 10

Israel Confronts its Past: the "new historians" and their critics

25 Oct 10

A conversation with James Caan

21 Oct 10

The Displaced and Dispossessed of Darfur

20 Oct 10

The Rule of Law

19 Oct 10

Europe in the new energy world order

19 Oct 10

Financial Reform in China

14 Oct 10

Expiring or Expanding? international economic organisations and the restructuring of world power

13 Oct 10

A Call for Judgment: sensible finance for a dynamic economy

12 Oct 10

Wealth Creation in Developing Countries

12 Oct 10

A master class in entrepreneurship

11 Oct 10

The Rights' Future

6 Oct 10

23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism

5 Oct 10

Seizing the Opportunity of the Cloud: the Next Wave of Business Growth

5 Oct 10

Getting More

5 Oct 10

Hong Kong's changing financial landscape

4 Oct 10

Can We Still Afford Europe?

30 Sep 10

Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy & Innovation in an Uncertain World

29 Sep 10

Reforming Educational Systems

22 Sep 10

Domestic Resource Mobilisation and Growth

22 Sep 10

Industrial Productivity

21 Sep 10

Industrial Revolution or Agricultural Revolution?

21 Sep 10

Managing Natural Resource Rents: China and Africa

20 Sep 10

Mobile Phones for Development

20 Sep 10

The Future of IT in India

14 Sep 10

The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse

8 Sep 10

The Quest for Meaning

2 Aug 10

Global Challenges for Europe and America

13 Jul 10

Global Justice

8 Jul 10

Living in the End Times

1 Jul 10

Too Big to Fail: The Aftermath and What Next?

30 Jun 10

Cognitive Surplus

28 Jun 10

LSE Director's Dialogue

23 Jun 10

Climate Change: the city solution

1 Jun 10

The Plundered Planet

24 May 10

On Narrative and Ritual

14 May 10

China's 21st Century Market-Authoritarian Challenge

13 May 10

Banking on the Future: the fall and rise of central banking

12 May 10

Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: assessing the economic rise of China and India

5 May 10

Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: assessing the economic rise of China and India

4 May 10

'Running While Others Walk': the challenge of African development

27 Apr 10

India and the Global Financial Crisis - Managing Money and Finance

14 Apr 10

Crisis Economics

18 Mar 10

Europe as a Global Actor? A Conversation with Javier Solana

18 Mar 10

The Rule of Law

17 Feb 10

The 2010 Spanish EU Presidency: Challenges and Opportunities

30 Nov 09


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