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Previous Lectures and Events

Cameron at 10 - the inside story of Cameron's premiership

14 Oct 15

Good Morning, Mr Mandela

24 Jun 14

Innovation - the Essence of Transforming Development Patterns

21 Nov 13

The Paralympic Movement Takes Off

14 Nov 13

Exodus: Immigration and multiculturalism in the 21st century

4 Nov 13

Turbulent and Mighty Continent: What Future for Europe?

31 Oct 13

Work as a Value

29 Oct 13

Capitalism Without Guilt: the moral case for freedom

28 Oct 13

"Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here": the human rights struggle against Muslim fundamentalism

23 Oct 13

Shaping Higher Education Fifty Years After Robbins: what views to the future?

22 Oct 13

Social Democracy and the Nation After the Crash

17 Oct 13

Grassroots Innovation and the Spread of Flourishing

16 Oct 13

The Origins of the Nations: the brotherlands hypothesis

15 Oct 13

Reclaiming Democracy in the Square? Interpreting the Anti-Austerity and Pro-Democracy Movements

10 Oct 13

When the Money Runs Out: The End of Western Affluence

19 Jun 13

Bosnia-Herzegovina: ways forward

11 Jun 13

EVENT CANCELLED Visualising Social Research

4 Jun 13

The Amartya Sen Lecture at LSE

29 May 13

Progressive Capitalism

20 May 13

Anthropology and Emotion

16 May 13

Does market-led development have a future?

15 May 13

What About Women?

23 Apr 12

The European Exception? The Public Intellectual in Britain

26 Jun 08

Martin Wight’s Intellectual World

12 Dec 07

Human Rights in the 21st century: problems and prospects

6 Dec 07

The United States – Dangerous Nation?

5 Dec 07

Escaping the Prisoners’ Dilemma

4 Dec 07

Why Can’t the British Media Report the EU Accurately?

3 Dec 07

Re-Writing the History of the Constitution: from the miraculous to the political

27 Nov 07

When David Meets Goliath: how globalisation is changing India

26 Nov 07

Turkey’s European Journey: on track or heading for derailment?

22 Nov 07

The Psychology of Saving and Investment: Sticky Biases and the Curse of Education

21 Nov 07

The Psychology of Saving and Investment: Investment for Dummies

20 Nov 07

The Psychology of Saving and Investment: Intertemporal Choice

19 Nov 07

A Lecture by The Rt Hon Lord Malloch-Brown

15 Nov 07

Iraq and the Law: what went wrong?

14 Nov 07

Past, Present and Future of Oil

13 Nov 07

Hungary in the 21st Century

12 Nov 07

The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

6 Nov 07

Greece and Europe: a lecture by Dora Bakoyannis

5 Nov 07

POLIS public lecture

31 Oct 07

Sexual Politics: the limits of secularism, the time of coalition

30 Oct 07

Centre for the Study of Human Rights panel discussion

25 Oct 07

BIOS public debate

24 Oct 07

Is Democracy in Crisis? Lessons from the Greek Experience

23 Oct 07

The Divergence of the Bottom Billion

18 Oct 07

FT Business – LSE European Institute The Future of Europe lecture series

18 Oct 07

Ralph Miliband public lecture

17 Oct 07

Public Space and the Body

16 Oct 07

Europe’s Emerging New Energy Policy

16 Oct 07

Positions, Activities and Organisations: strategy, from conception to implementation

15 Oct 07

Reforming the United Nations – Mission Impossible?

11 Oct 07

Communicative Power and Democracy

10 Oct 07

Centre for the Study of Global Governance public debate

9 Oct 07

Centre for the Study of Global Governance public lecture

8 Oct 07

Media and Democracy in Post-Putin Russia: has the death of press freedom been exaggerated?

8 Oct 07

The Challenges of Development and Environmental Sustainability in Africa: the case of Rwanda

4 Oct 07

Cool It: global warming and getting our priorities straight

2 Oct 07

LSE Public Lecture

13 Sep 07

Sustaining Growth and promoting inclusion in India's Economy and Society

26 Jun 07

Appropriation of Freedom: Freud’s conception of the individual self-relation

21 Jun 07

Globalisation and Welfare

14 Jun 07

Israel and the Palestinians: Domestic Developments and Prospects for Talks

13 Jun 07

How Concepts Behave: the potential of the life sciences and their impact on society

11 Jun 07

Globalisation, Biotechnology and Democracy

5 Jun 07

American Policy Toward Israel: the power and limits of beliefs

30 May 07

Corruption in Judicial Systems

24 May 07

Containment: Rebuilding a Strategy against Global Terror

23 May 07

The Challenge of Affluence: self-control, well-being and future shock

22 May 07

Swords and Ploughshares

21 May 07

International Military Interventions and the Constraints Facing the United Nations

17 May 07

Re-searching the Potential of Cultural-Historical Psychology

16 May 07

Affective Spaces, Objects of Violence: ruination and the production of anthropological knowledge

10 May 07

New Labour – Ten Years On

9 May 07

The Hydrogen Economy: preparing the world for a new energy era and the third industrial revolution

8 May 07

Can the European Economic Model be Transformed?

8 May 07

Trade and Inequality Revisited

4 May 07

Do War Crime Trials Do More Harm Than Good?

3 May 07

Smoot’s Ear: the measure of humanity

2 May 07

British Foreign Policy - Challenges facing the next Prime Minister

30 Apr 07

Stamp Memorial Lecture: Economics and Identity

25 Apr 07

Over to you, Mr Brown

28 Mar 07

Contested Borders, Contested Values?

25 Mar 07

What’s Wrong with the UN?

15 Mar 07

Civilisational Dialogue: Islam and the West

15 Mar 07

European Union: the next 50 years

14 Mar 07

NO WAY BACK? 11 & 12 December 2006

11 Dec 06

The Future of Islam: Possible Paths

3 Mar 06

Art After the End of Art

4 Feb 06

Economist Debate: 'Respect for human rights is essential to economic development'

13 Oct 05


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