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Previous Lectures and Events

Tolerance And Compassion in Ibn 'Arabi's Thought

5 Dec 15

Innate Thought

24 Sep 14

Spritual Verses of Jalaldin Rumi

3 Dec 11

Great Picture and Small Print – Don’t Lose Rights in Competitions

9 Sep 08

Transmitting dance: the transvangarde of movement

23 Nov 04

Neuro-Magica: Weaving Apophenia, Aporia & Awen

31 Jan 17

The Rise and Fall of the Polar Cosmos

13 Nov 14

Meaning, Myth, Magic and Mind-Bending Medicine

28 Oct 14

Psychic, Psychedelic, Psychotic: Madness and the Future of Psychiatry

13 Oct 14

Talking with the spirits: Mediumship and possession

29 Jul 14

Voudon: Art, Uprising, Gnosis & Rhythm

5 Jul 14

The City Breathing: The politics of spirituality, the spirituality of politics

24 Jun 14

John Constable - Transgressive Shamanism

27 May 14

Dr Jim Fadiman - Psychedelic Research: Way Beyond the Medical Model

29 Apr 14

Lunarchy: The Original Human Economics of Time

26 Mar 13

Peyote hunters of the holy mountain; and how to get cactus lodged in your reducing valve - Dr David

26 Jun 12

Solve et Coagula: An Orphic Mystery Play

29 May 12

Cosmic Consciousness and the Quest for Hermes Trismegistus

27 Mar 12

MDMA: Could it have been designed with psychotherapy in mind? - Dr Ben Sessa

28 Feb 12

High society: Mind-altering drugs in history and culture - Mike Jay

31 Jan 12

Plant Psychedelics in the English Courts - Charlotte Walsh

29 Nov 11

Soil, Soul and Society: Satish Kumar

25 Oct 11

Bard Medicine: Peter 'PenDragon' Moore

27 Sep 11

How Mesmerism met Vodou in Pre-Revolutionary Haiti

21 Jun 11

Smoke & Mirrors - A Psychogeography of Radical London

31 May 11

Ancient Mindscapes: Paul Devereux

29 Mar 11

The Abuses of Enchantment: Mark Pilkington

22 Feb 11

The Daemonic Vulva

30 Nov 10

Drugs and Magic: The Chemicals of Chaos

28 Sep 10

Was Jung a Mystic? The Occult World of C.G. Jung

29 Jun 10

Blather, Rinse, Repeat: An Ethnography of Online Conspiracy Theories

25 May 10

Biospheric States of Consciousness

27 Apr 10

Our Living Sun: The Missing Piece in the Cosmic Jigsaw

30 Mar 10

Yogic and Buddhist Philosophy in Relation to Psychic Awareness

16 Feb 10

LSD in Britain: A Cultural History

26 Jan 10

Making Sense of Magic Mushrooms

24 Nov 09

War, Ecology and the Noble Savage - A talk by Gyrus

27 Oct 09

A Witch Falls in Love with Husserl and Papaya Leaves

29 Sep 09

Animism, Ancestors and Adjusted Styles of Communication: Hidden Art in Irish Passage Tombs

28 Jul 09

Dale Pendell - Imagination and Fire

22 Jul 09

Imagination is what you are

30 Jun 09

Birth of a psychedelic culture

16 Jun 09

Supernatural: Did psychedelic experiences make our ancestors human?

26 May 09

Jay Griffiths - The Songlines of Wildness

28 Apr 09

A new science of life: Morphic resonance and the habits of nature

31 Mar 09

Shamanic Landscapes

24 Feb 09

Death, and the God of a thousand eyes

27 Jan 09


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