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Previous Lectures and Events


5 Oct 12

Media Talk: Global Slowdown and Foreign Policy

26 Mar 08

Independent Kosova

25 Mar 08

Frontline Confidential with Paul Radu

12 Mar 08

Insight with Sir Hilary Synnott- Britain's Man in Southern Iraq, Pakistan and India

11 Mar 08

In the picture with Sean Smith- Iraq in focus: A year on from the surge

29 Feb 08

Frontline Confidential with Nick Davies- Falsehood, Distortion and Propaganda in the Global Media

27 Feb 08

Insight with Ming Campbell- War, Politics and the Lib Dems

26 Feb 08

New- Media Talk- Russia after the Elections: the Power Behind the Throne

20 Feb 08

Media Talk: Independent Kosovo

19 Feb 08

Media Talk: Kosovo- Time for Independence?

19 Feb 08

Insight with Matthew Green- In Search of Africa's Most Wanted War Criminal

14 Feb 08

In the picture with Sean Smith- Iraq in focus: 'A year on from the 'surge'

14 Feb 08

Insight with Jonathan Steele: Why they lost Iraq

7 Feb 08

Insight with Jeremy Paxman ? the Art of Asking the Right Question

5 Feb 08

Screening and discussion: Jihadi Rehab

4 Feb 08

Media Talk: Pakistan on the Brink

31 Jan 08

Media Talk: Pakistan on the Brink

31 Jan 08

In the picture with Philip Jones Griffiths

24 Jan 08

Iraq in focus: A year on from the 'surge'

24 Jan 08

The Flak Jacket in my Wardrobe - covering stories from Pakistan to Zimbabwe

23 Jan 08

Insight with David Horovitz, editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post

23 Jan 08

Media Talk: Kenya in Turmoil

22 Jan 08

Nato in Afghanistan and beyond

17 Jan 08

Frontline Confidential: Conmen, Private Investigators and the Media

10 Jan 08

Uzbekistan: repression and lack of democracy in Central Asia

9 Jan 08

In the picture with Heathcliff O'Malley

25 Oct 07

Insight with Sir Michael (Mike) Jackson: 'Macho Jacko' on War and Peace

10 May 07

Frontline Confidential with Paola Monzini: Sold into Sex Slavery

17 Apr 07

Media Talk: Is Iran building a nuclear bomb?

11 Apr 07

Insight with Tony Wood and Tom de Waal: Independence for Chechnya?

10 Apr 07

Hamida Ghafour, reporter and a daughter of Afghan refugees and Ahmed Rashid, author of a highly-accl

10 Apr 07

In the picture with Clancy Chassay - Lebanon: From the July War to the current stand-off: Will Hizbo

5 Apr 07

Insight with Hamida Ghafour and Ahmed Rashid: Is the Taliban winning?

4 Apr 07

Media Talk: Zimbabwe in Meltdown

3 Apr 07

Insight with David Pratt: Inside the Intifada

28 Mar 07

Insight with David Pratt – Inside the Intifada

28 Mar 07

Insight with Patrick Symmes: Castro, his friends and the Revolution Generation

23 Mar 07

Insight with Anthony Loyd – Life of a War Journalist – As It Is

22 Mar 07

Insight with Sarah Chayes – Afghanistan After the War on Terror

20 Mar 07

French Elections – a Change in Store?

16 Mar 07

Media Talk - Turkey: Is Nationalism on the Rise?

6 Mar 07

Inight with Zahid Hussain - Pakistan: Struggling with Militant Islam

1 Mar 07

Media Talk: Northern Ireland – What Next?

27 Feb 07

Iran – Diplomacy vs. Military Approach

23 Feb 07

Oil and Chinese Foreign Policy

22 Feb 07

Frontline Confidential with John Willis –Cover–ups and Double Standards in the Asbestos Industry

21 Feb 07

Insight with Nick Cohen - Are the Right Turning Left?

20 Feb 07

Insight with Claire Short

14 Feb 07

Tortured in Saudi Arabia - Insight with Mark Hollingsworth and Sandy Mitchell

1 Feb 07

Insight with Azzam Tamimi - Hamas – Terrorists or Politicians?

30 Jan 07

Journalist Ray Fitzwalter speaks about how the Birmingham 6 were released following his investigatio

24 Jan 07

Photographer Kadir van Lohuizen speaks about blood diamonds

23 Jan 07

Insight with Jon Lee Anderson

19 Jan 07

Media Talk: Palestine - the Internal Battle

18 Jan 07

Insight with Paul French - North Korea - the Last Stalinist State

17 Jan 07

War photographer Alexandra Boulat speaks about her work

9 Jan 07

Insight with Adam Roberts - Wonga Coup

4 Jan 07

An evening with BBC's veteran correpsondent Jeremy Bowen in conversation with Allan Little

8 Dec 06

2006 Kurt Schork Awards - Free Admission

16 Nov 06

An evening with investigative journalist Sonia Shah

6 Nov 06

What is acceptable in Image Manipulation?

3 Nov 06

US Elections – Will the war on terror cost George W. Bush his majority in congress? What would that

31 Oct 06

An evening with neuro-psychiatrist Anthony Feinstein

25 Oct 06

Tim Allen on Uganda

24 Oct 06

Covering Child Pornography – Can the Media be Sensitive without Sensationalising?

19 Oct 06

Managing a Hostage Crisis

18 Oct 06

An evening with foreign correspondent Richard Beeston

13 Oct 06

An evening with the Independent's Patrick Cockburn

12 Oct 06

Lunch with Award-Winning Foreign Correspondent Robert Fisk

10 Oct 06

Media Talk: Public Order, State Security and Press Freedom in Ethiopia

29 Sep 06

An evening with investigative journalist Andrew Jennings

27 Sep 06

An evening with new media journalist Ben Hammersley

26 Sep 06

An evening with Middle East journalist Jason Burke

20 Sep 06

An evening with photographer Tom Stoddart

13 Sep 06

Media Talk: The Death of Martin Adler - Is a broadcaster responsible for their freelances?

7 Sep 06

The Middle East - journalistic minefield?

5 Sep 06

Afghanistan - battle for hearts and minds in Helmland

25 Jul 06

Evening with Alfred McCoy

21 Jul 06

An evening with Chuck Lewis

20 Jul 06

Somalia - who is in charge now?

12 Jul 06

Evening with foreign correspondent Lindsey Hilsum

11 Jul 06

Media Talk: Iran: Behind the Rhetoric

28 Jun 06

Insight with Jung Chang and Jon Halliday

27 Jun 06

Unembedded: Four independent Photojournalists on the War in Iraq

23 Jun 06

Insight with Charles Glass-author of The Tribes Triumphant

21 Jun 06

Peace Journalism - the only way forward or a blind alley?

13 Jun 06

Insight with Peter Bergen

19 May 06

Insight with Bill Emott

17 May 06

Screening – ‘Battle Poison’s Cloud’

25 Apr 05

“Newsmaker” – a conversation between Christian Chesnot and George Malbrunot – the French journal

15 Apr 05

Insight On Taming The Internet

13 Apr 05

Screening: 'Dying to tell the Story'

29 Mar 05

Screening: 'Private'

21 Mar 05

Documentary Preview - 'Inside Israel's Jails'

14 Mar 05

Zimbabwean Elections - What future for the Media?

11 Mar 05

Media Talk on Arab Television News and Al Jazeera

2 Mar 05

Documentary Preview - 'The Headmaster and The Headscarves'

28 Feb 05


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