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Previous Lectures and Events

Campaign cartooning: discussing how the art of satire shapes the political landscape

2 Oct 08

Who died?

1 Oct 08

Economist Debate: restricting migration hinders the development of both the rich world and the poor

31 May 08

"Economist Debate: The Beijing Olympics will allow China to fool the world"

29 Nov 07

"Economist Debate: It’s the politicians, stupid: political reform, not aid or trade, is the key to A

2 Jun 07

The Economist Debate: "For Britain to thrive, it needs many more migrants"

8 Mar 07

The Economist Debate: "Women Are The Most Wasted Resource In The World"

18 Jan 07

The Economist Debate: "David Cameron is just a blue-rinsed Tony Blair"

21 Nov 06

The Economist Debate: 'We must embrace nuclear power to solve global warming'

18 Sep 06

The Economist Debate: 'Cars will kill the planet'

27 May 06

The Economist Debate: 'London hit Gold when it won the 2012 Games'

11 May 06

The Economist Debate: 'Putin’s energy policy is a disaster for both Europe and Russia'

25 Apr 06

The Economist Debate: 'The United States is a responsible world economic leader'

6 Apr 06

The Economist Debate: 'Free trade is the only way to make the poor world richer'

23 Mar 06

The Economist Debate: 'India will overtake China in the next 25 years'

2 Mar 06

The Economist Debate on the Internet

23 Feb 06

The Economist Debate on Public Services

9 Feb 06

Economist Debate: 'A flat tax system is the best way forward for Britain'

26 Jan 06

The Bagehot Lecture 2006

13 Jan 06

Economist Debate: 'Digital technology will strengthen Public Service Broadcasting, not undermine it'

24 Nov 05

Economist Debate: 'Offending the feelings of religious believers should not be a crime'

3 Nov 05

Economist Debate: 'Democracies should bypass the UN rather than wait for its reform'

20 Oct 05

Economist Debate: 'Latin America has regular elections but lacks citizens' democracies'

18 Oct 05

Economist Debate: 'Respect for human rights is essential to economic development'

13 Oct 05

Economist Interview: 'How can the Tories win the next election?'

4 Oct 05

Economist Debate: 'From ASBOs to anti-terrorism, this government is careless with our civil libertie

27 Sep 05

Economist Debate: 'Economic liberalism should be at the heart of this party's thinking'

20 Sep 05

Economist Debate: 'Prosperity, not environmentalism, is the best way to save the planet'

15 Sep 05

The Economist Debate: 'Organic food is a con'

21 Jun 05

The Economist Debate at Hay 2005

28 May 05

Debate: Turkey & the EU

19 May 05

The Economist/RSA Debate: CSR

7 Apr 05

Pre-election Debate

31 Mar 05

Debate: 'Russian foreign policy is a threat to Europe'

15 Mar 05


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