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Previous Lectures and Events

Art or Design? A legal matter

25 Sep 13

Fashion Design – free inspiration for all or worth protecting?

25 Jun 13

Making and selling fashion in China

14 Nov 12

Workshop: How to protect and make money from your designs

31 Oct 12

Creative collaborations: the legal perspective

9 Dec 10

Change Play Business – Where to next? The turnaround game

30 Nov 10

How not to get ripped off

18 Nov 10

Own-it at Illumini: shedding light on copyright

15 Sep 10

IP in Motion: a practical guide for creators of moving image works

8 Jun 10

Film Finance: An Overview

2 Jun 10

The art of sound: IP rights for music-focused digital artists

21 Apr 10

Copyright seminar for the advertising industries

30 Mar 10

How to sell your multi-platform content

25 Mar 10

The business of Fashion

23 Mar 10

Rights for artists

17 Mar 10

Teaching and advising on IP in the creative sector

8 Mar 10

The business of writing – today and tomorrow (a two-module event)

27 Jan 10

How to protect ideas and make money (Module 2)

15 Dec 09

Creative collaborations and opportunities

10 Dec 09

How to protect ideas and make money (Module 1)

8 Dec 09

The IP Pyramid – copyright in complex creative environments (Module 2)

25 Nov 09

The IP Pyramid – copyright in complex creative environments (Module 1)

11 Nov 09

Write smart and publish well

28 Oct 09

Making it ethically in China – A practical guide for fashion and textile designers

28 Oct 09

Product designers: Patent your own product

22 Oct 09

Tyneside Cinema, 10 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6QG

21 Oct 09

Making a name in China – a practical guide to marketing and expanding your design business to China

12 Oct 09

How to protect your ideas and make money – How not to get ripped off (Module 1)

29 Sep 09

From ideas to assets: identifying and understanding intellectual property rights

25 Sep 09

Protect Your Website!

23 Sep 09

A guide to law and business practice for designers

23 Sep 09

From Art to Ad – About the moral, legal and aesthetic consequences of a current trend

22 Sep 09

How Not to get Ripped Off

19 Aug 09

Are you a writer producing original content? Join us for a drink and learn how to protect your IP

15 Jul 09

Visual Arts: Creativity, copyright and contracts for Fine Arts markets

7 Jul 09

How Not to get Ripped Off

1 Jul 09

Where music really makes its money – monetising the act

17 Jun 09

Photography, inspired places, people and protection

3 Jun 09

The 4 'I's of the fashion business: Ingenuity, influence, inspiration and infringement

21 May 09

Ideas, Inspiration and Infringement

14 May 09

Online brand management: How to build your image and protect your brand online

12 May 09

Who Own's commissioned Artwork?

30 Apr 09

How Not to get Ripped Off

29 Apr 09

Going Mobile

1 Apr 09

Credit Crunch as a Creative Catalyst or a Copyists Dream

27 Mar 09

The Real Business in Virtual Worlds

20 Mar 09

Creative collaborations: craft and technology

19 Mar 09

IP for creatives - a practical guide to protecting and valuing your ideas

18 Mar 09

London Olympics 2012... how to avoid marketing pitfalls and maximise business opportunities

18 Mar 09

How to sell your multi-platform content globally – uncover the cash you never knew you had!

17 Feb 09

Backstage – The IP Behind the Curtain

11 Feb 09

Cut, Paste, Mix, Sample - New Ways of Sharing IP with Creative Commons

16 Dec 08

How not to get ripped off: Enforcing and Protecting Your Intellectual Property

9 Dec 08

Nollywood - Great film, big business, but no rights??

3 Dec 08

Film+Art+Music : How to Clear Music Rights for Moving Image Work

27 Nov 08

Women's Enterprise Day: Brains, Beauty, Business and Innovation - the World of Women Inventors

19 Nov 08

The Creator's guide to Going Mobile - a digital revolution made simple

12 Nov 08

How to Make Money From Ideas - A Guide to Intellectual Property Rights for Creative People

30 Sep 08

The Writer Producer Director Triangle – A Guide to Good Practice of Collaboration in the Theatre

24 Sep 08

Ideas, Inspiration and Infringement – the Three Is of the Design Industry

23 Sep 08

[re]Quiz – A Legal Quiz on Re-using and Recycling Design

16 Sep 08

Dragon’s Den Essentials - Trademarks and Patents explained

10 Sep 08

Great Picture and Small Print – Don’t Lose Rights in Competitions

9 Sep 08

Brazilian Business: Overcoming Cultural and Business Barriers

10 Jul 08

Understanding IP Rights in Foreign Markets (session1): A Guide to Licensing TV programmes and format

29 May 08

How not to get ripped off in the creative industries

21 May 08

Based on a true story...

22 Apr 08

Building the fashion brand : Insiders guide to licensing

12 Mar 08

'Best Film goes to......'

11 Mar 08

How not to get ripped off in the creative industries

27 Feb 08

Going for Gold

21 Feb 08

East Meets West: Fashion Manufacture in China

21 Feb 07

Old versus New

15 Feb 07

Old versus New

15 Feb 07

How Not To Get Ripped Off

19 Jul 06

Putting A Price On It – How To Value Your Intellectual Property

24 May 06

It's a mad mad world – protecting and making money from your IP in an international market

26 Apr 06

"Happy Together" - Sharing Your Creativity And Making New Friends

23 Mar 06

Getting it Registered

21 Feb 06

Designers who make money from crime

27 Sep 05


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