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The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide

29 Russell Square
020 7636 7247
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Previous Lectures and Events

FilmTalk 2013/14: The Jewish Villain

6 Mar 14

Dr Rachel Garfield: Imagining Multicultural London - Containment and Excess in ‘Snatch’ (2000)

5 Dec 13

Film Talk 2013: Dr Jonathan Munby, “Kosher Nostra”: Screening the Memory of the Jewish American Gang

6 Jun 13

Behind the Scenes tour

11 Oct 12

FilmTalk: Prof Sue Harper on "The Lion's Mane: Sexual and Racial Politics in Samson and Delilah"

8 Dec 11

Memorial Concert for the 80th Anniversary of the Kindertransport

22 Nov 18

Early Postwar Holocaust Knowledge and Jewish Missing Persons

21 Nov 18

Book Talk: Austerity Baby

15 Nov 18

Looking into the Abyss: Photos of Kristallnacht

8 Nov 18

‘Austria is Lost’: British and Austrian Diplomats and their Experience of Anschluß

6 Nov 18

Medical Globetrotters and Persevering Women From Galicia

2 Nov 18

Book launch: Encounters with Albion

31 Oct 18

Roundtable: 100,000 Lost: Child Victims of the Holocaust in Hungary

22 Oct 18

Curator’s Talk: Shattered: Pogrom, November 1938

18 Oct 18

The Female Doctors and Nurses of Ravensbrück Concentration Camp

16 Oct 18

Book Talk: So They Call You Pisher!

11 Oct 18

The Shifting Policy of British Internment and Deportation, 1939-1940

9 Oct 18

Exhibition Launch: Shattered: Pogrom, November 1938

3 Oct 18

Book Talk: The Good Doctor of Warsaw

20 Sep 18

A Spatial History of Drancy: Architecture, Appropriation and Memory

6 Sep 18

Space and Place in Holocaust Studies: What We Have Learned and Future Research

4 Sep 18

Nazi Exhibition Design and Modernism

29 Aug 18

London 1938: ‘As much as I have an accent in my language, I have an accent in my painting’: Émigré A

18 Jul 18

The International Reaction to the 'Degenerate' Art Campaign

12 Jul 18

The Loss and Recovery of so-called Degenerate Art

4 Jul 18

The Institutionalisation of German Modernism and the Ensuing Backlash in the 1920s and 1930s

28 Jun 18

London 1938: Suppressed Music

26 Jun 18

Putting History in its Place: The Spatial Exclusion of Jews in Nazi-era Berlin

19 Jun 18

Through Soviet Jewish Eyes: Photography, War, and the Holocaust

18 Jun 18

A Blind Eye and Dirty Hands: The Wehrmacht's Crimes

11 Jun 18

Fate Unknown Series: Workshop - Resources for Family Research

22 May 18

River Danube as a Holocaust Landscape: The Journey of the Kladovo Transport

15 May 18

'That is Bella, Only Seven': The Depiction of Holocaust Survivors in Liberator Narratives

10 May 18

“The Greatest Detective Story in History” and the Search for Missing Children after the Holocaust

3 May 18

Fate Unknown Series: The Power of Words by Survivor Leslie Kleinman

30 Apr 18

Film Screening – Fred Zinnemann’s The Search

26 Apr 18

Talk: Holocaust Consciousness, German Jewish Refugees and the Civil Rights Struggle in Post-War Amer

24 Apr 18

Curators’ Talk: Fate Unknown: The Search for the Missing after the Holocaust

19 Apr 18

Book Launch: Miracles do Happen

9 Apr 18

Codename Suzette: An Extraordinary Story of Resistance and Rescue in Nazi Paris

26 Mar 18

Mothers, Sisters, Resisters? Motherhood and the Holocaust Twenty Years on

22 Mar 18

Talk: ‘A Wounded Landscape’

15 Mar 18

The International Tracing Service and the ‘Legacies of Political Humanitarianism’

8 Mar 18

Daniel Finkelstein and Nick Robinson in conversation at The Wiener Library

7 Mar 18

“One Train May Hide Another”: Arnaud Rykner’s Le Wagon as Authentic Fiction

6 Mar 18

Book Launch: The Participants: The Men of the Wannsee Conference

28 Feb 18

Book Talk: Becoming Hitler – The Making of a Nazi

5 Feb 18

Public Lecture: Narrating the German Occupation of the Channel Islands

30 Jan 18

Camden Council and The Wiener Library Holocaust Memorial Day event

25 Jan 18

Book Launch: Stormtroopers: A New History of Hitler’s Brownshirts

23 Jan 18

Toni Schiff Memorial Lecture: Moving Holocaust Stories

22 Jan 18

Gathering the Voices: A Scottish response to teaching about the Holocaust

19 Jan 18

Book Talk: Secret Nazi Cold Test Station

17 Jan 18

Book Launch: The Évian Conference of 1938 and the Jewish Refugee Crisis

23 Nov 17

From Genocide to Football Glory

16 Nov 17

Racial Persecution and Resistance in the Channel Islands

14 Nov 17

Reminiscences – Veterans

9 Nov 17

Frank Falla versus the Foreign Office: the Fight for Compensation for Victims of Nazi Persecution

7 Nov 17

The Addis Ababa Massacre: Italy's National Shame

1 Nov 17

Film Screening: Regina

26 Oct 17

The Vilnius Komitet and the Destruction of Polish Jewry, 1939–1941

25 Oct 17

Book Talk: Goodbye Berlin

18 Oct 17

Testimonies of War: UK Armenians & WW1

12 Oct 17

New Evidence for the Holocaust

11 Oct 17

Book Launch: Female Administrators of the Third Reich

6 Oct 17

Book Talk: British POWs and the Holocaust

2 Oct 17

Auschwitz Medical Crimes on Trial in London

19 Sep 17

Ruthless Science: The Mindset of Nazi Medical Researchers

19 Sep 17

Book Launch: The Boy in the Statue

12 Sep 17

Film Screening: Gray Matter

11 Sep 17

Roundtable: Breaking the Silence: Gender and Genocide

6 Jul 17

Children as Victims of Medical Experiments in Concentration Camps

6 Jun 17

Film Screening: Unit 731 – Did Emperor Hirohito Know?

31 May 17

Book Launch: The Greatest Comeback: From Genocide to Football Glory

18 May 17

Exhibition launch: Science + Suffering: Victims and Perpetrators of Nazi Human Experimentation

17 May 17

Jewish Galicia (1772–1918): Vibrant Past Rediscovered

2 May 17

East West Street: Philippe Sands in conversation with Daniel Finkelstein

27 Apr 17

Talk: The Themersons - At Home and Abroad

25 Apr 17

Talk: Rebuilding Shattered Lives: Some Vignettes of Jewish Children’s Lives in Early Postwar Poland

28 Mar 17

Who Owns Jan Karski? The Controversy Around the Man Who Tried to Stop the Holocaust

23 Mar 17

Talk: The Orchestras of Auschwitz

20 Mar 17

Book Launch: Concentration Camps: A Short History

9 Mar 17

Concert: The World Harmony Orchestra and members of the Refugee Choir from Islington Centre

20 Feb 17

Book launch: Women in the Holocaust: A Feminist History

16 Feb 17

Talk: The Creation and Liquidation of the Kishinev Ghetto 1941-1942

14 Feb 17

PhD and a Cup of Tea: Crisis, Rescue and Renewal. The Warburg Institute and the Role of Academic Ref

14 Feb 17

LGBT History Month Talk: The Persecution of Gay Men and Lesbians under the Third Reich: (Re)-Examini

9 Feb 17

Film Screening: Watching the Moon at Night

8 Feb 17

Film showing: Refugee Blues and Refugees: In Our Eyes

8 Feb 17

Holocaust Memorial Day Event: Starting Over: Reconstituted Jewish Families After the Holocaust

25 Jan 17

Refugees Then and Now: Young Syrian Refugees, Smartphones and Social Media

19 Jan 17

Curators' Talk - A Bitter Road: Britain and the Refugee Crisis of the 1930s and 1940s

12 Jan 17

Not Like a Lamb to the Slaughter: Humanitarian Resistance during the Armenian Genocide

12 Dec 16

From Exodus 1947 to Lampedusa: Jewish Refugees and Other Boat People

8 Dec 16

From Burden to Special Responsibility: Germany, America, and the Universalization of the Holocaust

1 Dec 16

Lunchtime Talk: In Response to the US Elections

29 Nov 16

PhD and a Cup of Tea: Wiener Library Documents Section 532

28 Nov 16

Encounters with Albion: Images of Britain in Texts by Jewish Refugees

23 Nov 16

Evening Course: Genocide After the Holocaust

8 Nov 16

Roundtable: Making a Difference: Critical Responses to the Refugee Crises Then and Now

2 Nov 16

PhD and a Cup of Tea: The War Refugee Board: Using Methodology to Address the Controversies of Ameri

29 Sep 16

Friends in Deed: American Quakers and Refugees from Nazi Europe, 1938-1941

28 Sep 16

Treblinka: Aerial Photographic Evidence Old and New

26 Sep 16

FILM SCREENING: Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine

22 Sep 16

Fraenkel Prize Lecture: Hello to All That: Catholicism in Germany and Austria-Hungary during the Fir

14 Sep 16

A lecture on the music of Theresienstadt by Professor Adam Gorb

8 Sep 16

Project Talk: Portraits and Memories

5 Sep 16

Exhibition Focus: Finding Treblinka with Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls and Michael Branthwaite

19 Jul 16

A World Behind Wire: The Nazi Camps and Ghettos

14 Jul 16

Book talk: Holly Müller on her novel My Own Dear Brother

15 Jun 16

Exhibition in Focus: The Channel Islands, Nazi persecution and the Holocaust

9 Jun 16

Film Showing and Discussion: My Grandmother’s Sitting Room

8 Jun 16

Book Launch: Matters of Testimony: Interpreting the Scrolls of Auschwitz

2 Jun 16

Book Launch: Life is War: Surviving Dictatorship in Communist Albania by Dr Shannon Woodcock

25 May 16

A Modernist in Exile: The International Reception of H.G. Adler: Lecture by Nikolaus Wachsmann and R

17 May 16

Panel Discussion: Stepping Off the Map – Healing the Wounds of History

9 May 16

Fraenkel Prize Lecture: Wounded minds: Experiencing the violence of the Nazi New Order in Yugoslavia

27 Apr 16

Book Talk: Before the Holocaust: New Histories of the Concentration Camps

25 Apr 16

Is there such a thing as a Jewish genome? By Professor Erika Hagelberg

12 Apr 16

Book Talk: From Yellow Star to Popstar by Dorit Oliver-Wolff

23 Mar 16

Book Launch: Final Sale in Berlin by Dr Christoph Kreuzmueller

3 Mar 16

The Lost Armenian Photographic Studios of the Ottoman Empire

18 Feb 16

Shoah, Holocaust, Churbn and More: On the Emergence of Names for the Lethal Nazi Anti-Jewish Campaig

1 Jul 15

Just Festival: PhD and a Cup of Tea

20 May 15

Fraenkel Prize Lecture: Islam and Nazi Germany's War by David Motadel

20 May 15

Holocaust Commemoration as Moral Leadership: Hungary and the IHRA Chairmanship

19 May 15

Professor Stuart Foster with Dame Helen Hyde: 'Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust in School:

31 Mar 15

My Story: Otto Deutsch

31 Mar 15

Mark Gardner: 'Contemporary Antisemitism in Britain'

23 Mar 15

International Women's Day Tour: Women in the Wiener Library Archives

5 Mar 15

Networking Event for Third Generation

4 Mar 15

Antisemitism in Contemporary Europe: A Conversation between Deborah Lipstadt and Anthony Julius

26 Feb 15

My Story: Bea Green

3 Feb 15

How useful is social media for keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive?

28 Jan 15

Let it Go: Dame Stephanie Shirley

26 Jan 15

Film Screening: Night Will Fall

21 Jan 15

Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Family Film

15 Jan 15

Photographic Archives Workshop

9 Jan 15

Book Launch: The Dark Heart of Hitler's Europe by Martin Winstone

20 Nov 14

Morality and Geopolitics: The challenge of humanitarian intervention

12 Nov 14

Karl Kraus's 'The Last Days' of Mankind as a German-Jewish Tragi-Comedy

12 Jun 14

Through a Child's Eyes: Holocaust Literature for Young People

5 Jun 14

Children’s Drawings of genocide in Darfur

21 May 14

Museums at Night tour

15 May 14

Protecting Burma's Rohingya: A Panel Discussion

14 May 14

The Exiled Nation: London Poles during the Second World War

14 May 14

The Birth of the New Justice

7 May 14

“Marks Hard To Erase”: The Rescue and Repatriation of “Absorbed” Armenian Women Survivors, 1919-1927

2 May 14

The Legacy of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide: an evening of testimony and reflection.

1 May 14

Hero or War Criminal? Regent Horthy and the Destruction of Hungarian Jews

24 Apr 14

Film Screening: Football Rwanda, Fields of Memories (2014)

23 Apr 14

From Data to Knowledge: How the European Holocaust Research Infrastracture links and opens Holocaust

11 Apr 14

My Story: Eric E. Murangwa

8 Apr 14

Discussion Workshop: Voices of the Rwandan Genocide

8 Apr 14

Labour and Race in Modern German History

27 Mar 14

“No Stab in the Back!” Race, Labour and the National Socialist Regime under the Bombs, 1940-45

27 Mar 14

Hans Gal's 'Sacred Duck' and a Journey from Vienna to Edinburgh

10 Mar 14

Film Talk: Once Upon a Time in Italy

6 Mar 14

The Last Man: A British Genocide in Tasmania

27 Feb 14

The Triumph and Tragedy of Raoul Wallenberg

30 Jan 14

Social Media Debate: Representing Atrocities Online

29 Jan 14

Film Installation: Uriel Orlow ‘Housed Memory’ and ‘The Wiener Library’

28 Jan 14

Evening Volunteer Fair

16 Jan 14

Bringing the Dark to Light: Holocaust Memory in Post-Communist Europe

10 Jan 14

Britain’s attitude towards Academic Refugees

12 Dec 13

FilmTalk: Imagining Multicultural London, Containment and Excess in Snatch

5 Dec 13

Art of the Holocaust: Creativity In Extremis [Date Added]

4 Dec 13

Racial Laws and Popular Opinion in Fascist Italy

27 Nov 13

Art of the Holocaust: Creativity In Extremis

21 Nov 13

Coffee & Conversation: Student Action for Refugees

21 Nov 13

After 1984, The Anti-Sikh Pogroms: Jaspreet Singh's Helium Book Launch

14 Nov 13

The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler

4 Nov 13

Coffee & Conversation: Kemal and the Bosnian Genocide

30 Oct 13

November 1938: Perspectives from the Vatican Archives

23 Oct 13

Hitler’s Helpers: The Female Administrators of the Holocaust

18 Oct 13

Living History: in conversation with Nick Barlay and Eve Harris

17 Oct 13

Hanns and Rudolf: The German Jew and the Hunt for the Kommandant of Auschwitz

3 Oct 13

Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields

3 Oct 13

Coffee & Conversation: A Suit-able Promise

2 Oct 13

FilmTalk: Once Upon a Time in Italy

26 Sep 13

Rediscovering Piotr Rawicz’s Holocaust novel 'Blood from the Sky'

25 Sep 13

28 Letters: The Short Life Of Renée (Baba) Friedmann On Not So Calm Waters

20 Sep 13

The Making of 'The Last Boat'

28 Jun 13

Book launch: 'Ruta's Closet'

27 Jun 13

“I’m not going back”: A Refugee Week Writing Workshop

20 Jun 13

A Campaign to Save the World's Refugees: World Refugee Year 1959-60

19 Jun 13

FilmTalk: The Jewish-American Gangster in The Godfather Part II

6 Jun 13

Book launch: 'Walking with the Light'

30 May 13

"Why we knew nothing about Auschwitz": coming to terms with the Holocaust

24 May 13

Film screening of 'A Different World: Poland's Jews 1919-1943'

16 May 13

Landscapes of Memory: a study of Holocaust memorials across Europe

26 Apr 13

Against a Tide of Evil: Genocide in Darfur

25 Apr 13

Documenting Nazi Camps and Ghettos: The USHMM Encyclopedia

12 Apr 13

FilmTalk: Reviewing Fagin, 1948-2005

4 Apr 13

Compliant or Confrontational?: The Protestant Church and the Holocaust

25 Mar 13

Fraenkel Prize 2012: 'A Small Town near Auschwitz'

27 Feb 13

Mockery as Politics: The Degenerate Art Exhibition, 1937

18 Feb 13

Fraenkel Prize 2012: Economic Trust and Anti-Semitic Violence

7 Feb 13

Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust

31 Jan 13

Jewish 'Headships' and Nazi Anti-Jewish Policies

24 Jan 13

Stories of Rescue in the Letters of Jewish Survivors about Polish Rescuers

16 Jan 13

Wilfrid Israel: The Elusive Saviour

11 Jan 13

Faces in the Void: Czech Survivors of the Holocaust

10 Jan 13

Integrating Self-Help into the History of Jewish Survival in Western Europe

5 Dec 12

Quaker Service: The Friends Relief Service in Post-War Europe

16 Nov 12

Rwanda 1994: “We Could Do Nothing”?

8 Nov 12

Raoul Wallenberg, 100 years: will the riddle ever be solved?

29 Oct 12

Lunchtime Lecture: Jews in the Netherlands

19 Oct 12

Black People under Nazi Rule: Perspectives on the 'Racial State'

17 Oct 12

'Belsen '92': Twenty Years of Genocide Arguments and Bosnia

11 Oct 12

Book Launch: 'The Gypsy "Menace": Populism and the New Anti-Gypsy Politics'

2 Oct 12

"If I ever did one good thing": Ludwig Guttmann, Stoke Mandeville and the Birth of the Paralympics

22 Aug 12

Book Launch: 'The Quantum Exodus: Jewish Fugitives, the Atomic Bomb, and the Holocaust''

16 Aug 12

A 'test case' for the 1936 Berlin Olympics?: the 1935 England-Germany football international at Whit

3 Aug 12

Desired Bodies:Leni Riefenstahl, the Berlin Olympics 1936 and Aryan Masculinity

13 Jul 12

Playing at war: an up-close look at childhood games of battle and conflict

12 Jul 12

The Murder of the Children of the Bullenhuser Damm

25 Jun 12

Target Heydrich: Laurent Binet on 'HHhH'

6 Jun 12

Love and Surveillance: Politicised Romance in Peter Kosminsky’s The Promise

31 May 12

Secularism, difference and the family in Roschdy Zem’s Mauvaise foi/Bad Faith

10 May 12

Death in Prague: Philip Kerr on 'Prague Fatale'

3 May 12

Lidice – A Czech village

25 Apr 12

Dachau and the SS: A Schooling in Violence

20 Apr 12

The Jewish Predicament in the Aftermath of World War Two

19 Apr 12

Film screening: ‘Coexist’

4 Apr 12

'Testimonies/Temoignages' - Documenting the Stories of Refugee Children Rescued into Switzerland Du

16 Mar 12

Film Screening: Hitlerjunge Quex

22 Feb 12

Book Launch: The German-Jewish Soldiers of the First World War in History and Memory

16 Feb 12

A Spiral of Silence? How Germans talked about the murder of the Jews during the Second World War

15 Feb 12

Panel Discussion: Old Enough to Know the Truth?

2 Feb 12

From Victims to 'Hunters': Taking on the Search for Adolf Eichmann

27 Jan 12

Fraenkel Prize Lecture: Dr Josie McLellan

12 Jan 12

Forbidden Love in the Holy Land: Daniel Wachsmann’s Hamsin (1982)

1 Jan 12

The Lion's Main: Sexual and Racial Politics in Samson and Delilah (1949)

8 Dec 11

'Ashes in the Wind. The Destruction of Dutch Jewry' by Jacob Presser. A Re-evaluation by Philo Breg

7 Apr 11

Charlotte loves Harry- Ethnic stereotypes and Jewish jokes in Sex and the City

24 Mar 11

Waking the World: Seeking to Ensure Governments Do Not Look Away from Horror

17 Feb 11

Refugees in the Media: Then and Now

9 Feb 11

Reporting the Holocaust: As it was Happening

3 Feb 11

Speak Up, Speak Out: The 1942 UN Declaration on the Persecution of the Jews

26 Jan 11

Untold Stories: The Kitchener Camp

25 Jan 11

Fraenkel Prize Lecture: Dr Alexander Korb

19 Jan 11

Lancombe, Lucien (1974): love, class, hatred and the banality of evil in occupied France

9 Dec 10

Book launch and reception for: 'Being Jewish and Doing Justice: Bringing Argument to Life (Vallentin

30 Nov 10

Hungary: Race Hate against Jews and Roma

24 Nov 10

In the Eye of the Storm: Jews underground in Hitler's Berlin

2 Sep 10

Czernowitz in Jewish Memory

30 Jun 10

Marlene Dietrich: the Prodigal Daughter Returns. A Foreign Affair (Billy Wilder 1948)

17 Jun 10

Jews in Football: Mediating between the Gentleman's Sport and the Professional Game

26 May 10

The Ambivalence of Disgust - Jud Suss in Nazi Germany

22 Apr 10

Writing Wrongs: DM Thomas on The White Hotel

15 Apr 10

Philip Kerr on The Bernie Gunther Mysteries

18 Mar 10

Jews Playing Nazis in Hollywood Films - The Ultimate Irony?

18 Feb 10

Writing Wrongs: Rachel Seiffert on The Dark Room

8 Dec 09

Exile Actors in Hollywood during World War II: An Introduction

29 Oct 09

“New Life on the ‘Mazzes Island’? Jewish life in Austria post 1945”

30 Jun 09

The Universal Hero: Raoul Wallenberg

25 Jun 09

Memories of Survival: The Starachowice Factory Slave Labour Camps

9 Jun 09

Well Hello Gorgeous: Barbra Streisand as the Jewish Diva

7 May 09

Explaining the Rise and Fall of Fascism

15 Apr 09

Renoir's La Grande Illusion (1937). An Ambiguous Masterpiece

18 Mar 09

Atrocity in War: British and American Experiences

19 Feb 09

Aspects of Austria's Dealing with her National Socialist Past

11 Feb 09


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